5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


5. this means war!! part one

Luke's POV*

I woke up the next morning and heard mumbling, I turned around, it was Dri, she was a sleep talker, but she was sleeping on Mikey's chest and his arm was around her, I saw her eyes flutter open. "Good morning Luke." She said while yawning and rubbing her tired eyes.

"Morning." Was all I said, since I was awake and I was supposed to be driving, I started the car and we drove off. "So, how did you sleep, Dri?" I said braking the silence, "pretty good." She said stretching her arms. She was so lovely looking.

Dri's POV*

I looked over to Mikey, who was still sleeping. "Adria?" Mikey mumbled, I guess he's been awake, "yeah?" "Come here love, I need to tell you a secret." He whispered, I leaned in, he opened his eyes the rest of the way, "I love you." He whispered in my ear, I shivered, god he knows that I hate it when people whisper into my ear. I kissed him softly on the lips, "I love you too Mikey." I said, he pulled me into a small hug.

We heard Luke clear his throat, we looked over. "Uh, we should probably look for shelter." He said and continued driving, I looked over at his hands that clenched around the wheel. I leaned into the front of the car, "Luke is everything ok?" I asked, "yeah." He said gripping the wheel tighter, "Luke, I know you're not ok.-" "Fuck! Dri I'm fine, just leave me the hell alone!" He yelled, causing everyone but him to jump.

"What's going on?" Ash said, "nothing." Luke said, loosening his grip on the wheel. I felt a hand being place on my back. I turned to see Mikey smiling. I sat back down next to him. "It's ok Dri, he just needs some time to cool down." He said kissing my head. I nodded.

Once we arrived at an unfamiliar neighborhood, "ooh what about that house?" Calum said pointing to a really nice house. There weren't any zombies around. "Yeah." Ash said. "Who's going in to check for zombies?" Luke asked.

"Not me!" Ash said, I looked over at Luke, "I'll go." He said, "me too." Mikey said rubbing my arm, I looked at him worry written in my eyes, "I'll be back ok? I promise." I smiled while Mikey grabbed an ax and a gun, Luke pulled over to the house and grabbed weapons for himself.

While me, Ash, and Calum were talking about things in the car, Luke and Michael were searching the house in case we can't use it for shelter.

"So what's going on with you and Michael?" Ash asked, I looked at him with a questioning look on my face, "what do you mean?" "Oh, don't pretend like nothing happened. I saw you and him kissing last night." "Why does it even matter Ash? Me and him are dating so what?"

"Girls, brake it up." Calum said. I glared at him and stayed silent the rest of the time.

Mikey's POV*

We entered the house and started searching, it took us like 30 minutes to scan the whole house, nothing was in here but the beds and stuff.

"Looks clean." Luke said walking out side. "Michael!!!" I heard Adria scream. Oh no. I ran outside and the car window was broken , there was zombies surrounding the car. I grabbed my gun and shot until my gun ran out of ammo.

Then I pulled out the ax and killed the zombies while Luke was helping me with the other ones.

When we were done, I opened the car door, grabbed Adria's hand and hugged her tight. "A-are you ok? Did anything bite you? Did they hurt you?" I say brushing her hair out of her face. "Yeah. I think I'm scarred for life now." She said, I kissed her forehead and made sure everyone else was ok.

We grabbed all the bags and put them in the house, then got settled in for bed.

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