5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


7. the fight part one

Mikey's POV*

I woke up to the sound of Dri talking in her sleep. She was so adorable !! I was going to wake her up but I didn't have to, I guess she just knew that I was watching her sleep, cos then her eyes fluttered open. "Good morning Mikey." She said and rubbed her eyes. "Morning babe." I said quietly and kissed her nose.

She giggled, then climbed over me "ow." I whispered. "There are about ten of them outside." I sat up and looked out the window with her. "Yeah, but there were so many last night, where do you think they are now?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe they're it's waiting for us to come out- on a completely random and unrelated note, I'm hungry." She said while rubbing her tummy, I nodded and went into the bag with all the food in it.

"What kind - or uh canned food would you like?" I said looking through everything, "umm fruit." She said I nodded and handed her a fork and the canned fruit, I also grabbed one for myself too.

Me and her sat there eating. After I was done I was going to trow my can and fork away (A/N; it was a plastic fork:) but I knocked something over, I looked went back and looked at it, it was a picture of Luke and Dri.

She kept it? She looked so happy with him, my cheeks felt hot and my eyes were burning with anger.

"Adria?" I asked putting the can and fork down and walking toward her with the picture in my hand. "Yes." She said eating a spoon full of fruit. "Why do you still have this?" I said holding up the picture.

She looked at it and froze not knowing what to say next. "I- umm... It was a memory from my first date-" "Dri! I know this wasn't your first date stop fucking lying to me!" I yelled waking up the boys.

"Why are you getting jealous!?!? That's in the past-" I cut her off, "Shut up and fucking answer my damn question!!" I said screaming at her. "Guys stop, we're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you guys choose to fight." Luke said. "Shut the hell up Luke!"

Dri's POV*

Why was he getting so mad at a freaking picture!? "Both of you be quiet! If anybody- anything- heard any of you, they will come for us. And Michael I don't see what you're getting so worked up off of." I said looking at both of them and crossing my arms.

"Do you still have feelings for Luke?" He ask, then Luke turned his attention towards me waiting for an answer. "Y-yes, but not in that way. He was my first love, he will always hold a place in my heart." I say looking down and biting my lip.

"Ok, I understand. I'm sorry for throwing a fit." He said hugging me tight. Luke stood there shocked, I guess. i hugged Michael back. "I love you Mikey." I whispered. "I love you too." Michael said, I felt his face turn to look at Luke. I felt Mikey's chest tense up, I pulled away and turned to the window.

I looked down at them. I sighed, "we have to go, it's getting pretty hectic out there." I said backing away from the window until I felt Mikey's hand intertwine with mine.

After we got everything packed again we got out of the house and into my now bloody car, "who's gonna drive?" Luke asked getting in the back, then Calum just got into the drivers seat. Mikey sat in the back with Luke and before I could get in the back with Mikey and Luke, Ash got into the back.

I just sat in the passenger seat next to Calum. He started the car, and we just sat there talking about random things, and how our lives used to be before all this happened.

Calum's POV*

"So, Adria? Do you need anyone to talk to?" I said looking at her for a split second then turning my attention back to the road. "Why?" She replied, before I could answer this 'thing' got in front of me, which made me swerve the car around and we drove into a ditch. The car flipped over so we were upside down. "Is everyone ok?" I asked, "yeah I think so. I can't find a way out! The door is jammed!" Adria said hitting her hand on the door trying to get out.

"Mikey!! Are you ok?" She said looking at him, he had blood dripping down his head. I gasped and tried to get out. "Mikey!!!!" I heard Adria scream, "shh! They'll hear us." I whispered. I watched as she fumbled with the seatbelt. I heard a click followed by her crawling to the back seats, I woke up Ash and Luke, Ash looked around axzamening the surroundings. "What the hell?" Luke whispered. "Calum? Look." Dri said pionting outside- oh my god, there were what looked thousands of them limping towards us! "We need to find a way out if this damn car." Ash stated. They all unbuckled themselves, Dri unbuckled Mikey, followed by him groaning. I heard Dri sigh in relief. 

Dri's POV*

I sighed, knowing that Mikey was going to be ok. "Mikey, we need to get out." I stated, he nodded slowly. I helped him up and looked back to see if anything was there, that's weird they weren't there anymore. "Calum, be careful." I whispered to him, they could be anywhere. "Ok, I'll be careful." He said back, then suddenly he got pulled out of the car, so did Ash and Luke, then me and Michael.


A/N; hey everybody sorry for updating late and Megan will appear the next chapter:) sorry for the mistakes, lov u all!!

---Mikey's T.A.R.D.I.S---





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