5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


4. love you

Dri's POV*

While we were driving to who knows where, Michael let me fall asleep on his lap, he was lightly brushing my hair away from my face. I love him, I thought that I loves Luke but I think that it was a mistake. (A/N; sorry Luke ;)

Michael's POV*

She looked so perfect sleeping in my lap, her brown curly hair, to bad I couldn't see her beautiful green sometimes blue other times brown glowing eyes. She just lights up the room.

I slowly started drifting off.

I woke up to the sound of zombies hitting the car, i rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes, and then I noticed Dri wasn't on my lap anymore. She was looking out the window and looking at the zombies.

I tapped her shoulder, she jumped a bit, then looked at me. "How did it come to this?" She whispered referring to the zombies outside eating flesh of others. "I don't know." I whispered back.

I looked back and saw that Luke and Calum were past out in the front and Ash was leaning his head against the window and whispering something to himself that, I couldn't hear.

I looked back at Dri, then she looked back at me. God she was so beautiful. I leaned in, so did she, our faces were inches apart. She breathed in then out. I brushed my hand over her cheek, she closed her eyes for a bit, when she opened them she leaned in more , so did I, when our lips met they started moving in sync.

I pulled away unwillingly, "I love you Adria." I said looking into her amazing eyes and smiled, she smiled back, "I- I love you too Mikey." She said kissing me again.


A/N; hey everybody sorry for the short update:) let me know if any of you got the feels reading this, I know I did when I was typing it all ;) bye loves

Xx Michael's lovely angel

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