5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


3. is this happening?

Ash's POV*

I felt so bad for her, -we were all in a group hug, when I noticed Luke wasn't here, that dirt bag! I pulled away, I looked Adria in her red puffy eyes." I'll be back ok? I promise." I said kissing her forehead.

I headed downstairs and looked around the house to see if anyone or any thing was here, nothing, I looked out of the window, they were everywhere. I went upstairs to see if I could find Luke and talk to him about something.

I found him in the next room sitting on a bed, looking at pictures. They weren't just any old pictures of family and stuff like that, it was of Luke and Dri.

I hid behind the doorway, "Ash? I know you're there." Once he said that I stepped out and into Dri's room. I looked at the pictures with him. "I-I can't believe she k-kept the p-pictures o-of me and h-her." He said, I could tell he was close to tears.

I patted his shoulder lightly, "she still talks about you, Luke. She still loves you." I said looking at the picture, it was of Luke and Dri on a roller coster ride, she looked so happy- they both did.

"She does? Why?" He said putting the picture down, then turning around to look at me. "Yeah, and I don't know, I ask her every day, but she never tells me." I said playing with my fingers.

"Uh, guys we need to get outta here, and fast." Dri said stepping through the door way. "Ok, do you have any supplies? Any weapons?" She nodded, "follow me." She said blankly, and walked into a closet and grabbed a duffel bag. She pulled out knives, guns, food, blankets, and a little tent thing, then she put them in the duffel bag.

Dri's POV*

After I put everything into the duffel bag, I went into my room, grabbed another bag and put my cloths in it and some of my brothers for the boys in two separate bags, then I grabbed the picture of me and Luke and put it into my bag.

Then I grabbed all the bags, "come on let's get going. Oh and Luke I believe that you brought your own car right?" I asked, "it's broken." He said quite plainly. I rolled my eyes. "Well looks like you're driving my car, everybody get to the garage, grab the keys Luke."

Luke's POV*

I grabbed the keys and walked into the garage, I started the car and waited for everyone to get ready. I saw Dri get like ten gallons of gas and put it in the trunk.


A/N; hey everybody!! Sorry for the short update but I hope you like it. Oh and how do you think Luke feels about Dri (Adria) ?

Xx Michael's lovely angel

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