5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


16. Amnesia Part One (Last Chapter!!! :(( )

Adria's P.O.V.*

I sat quietly next to Ashton and we waited for Michael to walk out of the med-tent with that goofy smile plastered on his bright, happy face. I looked over at Ashton, who grinned at me and said, "I missed you." "I missed you too, Ash."

"Michael is sure taking an awful while for his check-up." My hands became sweaty as I took that thought into recognition. My mind went hazy and my breath shortened. Yeah, what's taking his so long? Is he okay?- I thought to myself. "Yeah, I wonder what's going on."

Ashton rested his elbows on his knees and put his head in his hands. He grew impatient and the minutes seemed to stretch into hours. Finally, Meghan came into my view.

Me and Ashton both stood up, furrowing our eye brows. She looked like she hadn't gotten sleep for days, stress rippled through her face. She sighed and her expression was unreadable. "He has 5 hours. Spend it wisely." She shook her head and gave me a tight hug. I was shocked, too shocked to understand what the hell was happening.

She let go, looked at Ash, and brushed passed us. "What?" My lip shook and tears stung my eyes. "I-I think he's been b-bitten." I broke down when he walked out of the tent. "He... hey, it'll be okay." Michaels said, taking me into his arms."

"Shh.." He whispered onto my head and kissed the same spot. "How will it be okay?! You won't be here anymore- a-and I can't live without you!" I sobbed onto his worn Nirvana T-shirt. "I'm only going to be gone for about 4 weeks babe." I looked up at him. "Meghan made it seem like you got bit.. and that..." He cut me off and wiped my tears away. "Well, it's complicated, they're taking me because I had gotten bit and to run tests on my blood. I 'm obviously not turning so I'm a carrier."

I furrowed my eye brows. "So..?" "Meghan did a little test thing and found something in my blood. It could be the cure." He was so serious, it was hard not to smile. A wave of relief washed over mine and Ashton's face. "Oh my god?" I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed his cheek and tears of joy rushed down my face. "Don't get too close love, you have a good chance of getting infected." He stated... right. I backed up with a huge smile spread across my face.

"Wow, mate, I am so happy you aren't infected- well changing." Ashton's face was pale and sleep deprived. "Me too." They gave each other an awkward looking bro-hug. They laughed until it got even more awkward. "We're upgrading the wall or whatever today- I think Jake will give you time off..." Ashton said, letting his eyes wonder to me, then resting on Michael again. "... Today, for the obvious re3asons." He grinned.

"Okay. Tell him I said thanks." He, then turned on his heal and left me and Michael to be alone together. "I love you so much." Michaels faced me and flashed me his goofy smile that I love so much. "I love you too, Michael." I blew a kiss at him because I couldn't give him a real kiss for over a month.

"The need to kiss you is so strong right now." He whined. I blushed a light pink colour and laughed. "Babe.. I really, really want to kiss you too." I chuckled while he smiled. I'm going to miss him so much, the thought of not being able to feel his warm skin and his soft lips for over a month saddened me.

He helped me get my remaining things into an empty tent. 2 hours down, 3 to go. The hours got shorter and shorter until they turned into the last 30 minutes until he leaves. That eventually went too. He got into a helicopter after giving his friends and I last hugs.

"I'm gong to miss him." We comforted each other as the helicopter took off and left us behind.


​A/N: Hey guys, this chapter really sucks, I know. But thank you for reading this book, you guys have actually helped me a lot through years of fearing that no one will ever accept me. :) Thank you guys so much. I will be updating a lot of my other stories over the next month or two until this sequel comes out. The sequel will be called Amnesia Part One. This chapter was like a sneak peek. I swear it will be a lot better in the actual book haha. Anyways, sorry for making the last chapter suck. I love you guys and I really hope you'll stick by me for the next few books and even longer. I will also be publishing some poems that I wrote! :)

                                            - Michaels_Demons












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