Mercy On Me (The Walking Dead)

A Story about Brother/Sister Duo Shane and Harper and their journey through the zombie apocalypse. Will they both survive it when one of them slowly bqfegins to go crazy, while the other is busy with another member of camp? How will this affect their group? It's all to come in Mercy On Me.


1. Chapter 1

May 16, 2010


"Come on, Harper; let's GO!" Shane could be heard shouting from downstairs.


"I'm trying!" I called back, shoving as much stuff as I could into a small shoulder-bag.


My head snapped towards her bedroom door at the sound of the house's deadbolt being jammed into place, making me rush even more. I could feel shivers race up my spine; I was terrified.


"Harper, I mean it! Hurry the fuck up!".


I ran a hand through my dark brown hair as I scanned the room, making sure I hadn't missed anything that I couldn't afford to forget. There was a loud thump against our front door, which led to Shane cursing loudly under his breath. No matter how close Shane and I were, I knew that he wouldn't wait for much longer.


Taking one more quick glance around the room, I grabbed a framed photo of me and Shane taken a few weeks back at the police station embracing each other in a giant bear hug.


"I'm coming, Shane!" I shouted.


I shoved the frame into her bag and headed for the bedroom room. Making sure to lock the door to my room, I bounded down the stairs to meet my frazzled brother, who was peeking out the window.


"Shane, let's go," I urged him. Shane jumped at my voice, not noticing my arrival.


"Bout damn time, sis. Take this," Shane shook his head and passed me a steel bat. I felt my throat get caught as I stared at it in shock.


"And what do you want me to do with this, exactly?". Shane turned to look into my scared eyes as he ran his tongue over his lower lip.


"Wanna survive out there?" he asked, me nodding. "Then if one of those hellish things comes at you and I'm busy, swing at its head," Shane explained, shoving a pistol into the waistband of his pants before grabbing a bat as well. I stood frozen, gripping on to the steel in my hands.


"You want me to kill those people?" I asked, her voice shaking.


"They aren't people no more; they're dead. The fricken walking dead. Now let's go, we have to get Rick from the hospital," Shane urged, heading for the garage.


There was another thump against the door, and we could both hear moaning from outside. Our brother and sister duo headed for the garage, but a thought made me confused was confused.


"Wait, Shane.. We're going to get Rick? What happened to going to get Mom? She's sick!" I squeaked, not liking where this was going.


Shane stopped his path to turn and face his sister. He took in his my fierce grey eyes and dark brown hair before cupping my face in the palm of his hand.


"Mom is too far away, we won't make it in time,". I slapped his hand away in anger.


"She is our MOTHER. Dad's away on business, Shane; there's no one to protect her!".


"Dad is probably dead already! Mom's tough; she knows how to be a survivor," Shane tried reassuring me, but it didn't really work.


It was true, our mom was tough; she had recently gotten past breast cancer, but that was a completely different type of illness. When it came to turning into a zombie, you couldn't stop it. After a while, I shook her head in disbelief, stray locks of hair fanning over my face.


"Unbelievable. Can I at least call her?" I asked him sadly, knowing that I wasn't going to win this fight with Shane. Were we really never going to see our parents ever again? I wasn't sure if I could deal with that; maybe taking Shane up on his offer to move in with him hadn't been such a good idea.


"Fine. But if she doesn't answer the first time, that's it," Shane ordered, making hand gestures as he spoke.

I grabbed my cell phone and phone charger off of the kitchen counter that I would probably never see again and followed my older brother, Shane Walsh, into the garage; our last few moments of pure safety.

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