This is my life now..
I think to myself.


3. // Chapter 3: Class Discovery //

Aqua's POV

"Come on!" Alec yells out still pulling my arm and then finally releases it as we are at the doorway of the classroom. He walks casually to our desk and sits down, I walk behind him and take my seat.


"Alec.." I whisper to him 5 minutes before our class starts. "Yeah?" He replies back looking at me with confusion. "What.. is your power.." I whisper to him quietly. "Uh... I can feel peoples thoughts, like if they're uncomfortable and stuff like that". He says with a slight nod. I grin a little bit and shrug. "Like right now, you're confused." He says with a giggle.


I smile and nod happily, "Aqua...-" He whispers then the bell goes, and the teacher walks into the classroom. "Okay students!!" The teacher yells with a loud and strict voice. "Get out your books!" He continues.


The entire class I was listening to that loud, and strict adult voice yelling every single minute of the lesson. I was wondering how Hannah was in her class. Every now and then Alec looked at me and smiled and I nodded in reply to say. 'I'm okay.'


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey everyone!

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I hope you liked this chapter,

Sorry it was short I had to rush it.

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