This is my life now..
I think to myself.


2. // Chapter 2 : Living //

// Aqua's POV. //

I look to my right spotting my best friend, Hannah. I run to her quickly, "Hey!" I yelled even though I was right next to her. "Hi." She said back I nodded slightly.


// ( By the way we're both 14,

Sorry forgot to say it in the 'introducing characters chapter'. //


I stopped and spotted Alec, my crush and also my other best friend. I stared at him slightly smiling for a second until Hannah shook my shoulder and put me out of my daydream. "Ay!" I said to her while giggling. "Ha, Ha." She said sarcastically then bursting out with laughter. I noticed Alec spotted us when she started laughing and walked over, "Haha, Whats with her?" He asks laughing a little. "The usual." I said smiling, she stopped laughing then got back on her feet. "Okay then." she said suddenly looking around. Alec is also a supernatural like me and Hannah. We don't know his power yet he hasn't told us, yet he doesn't know me and Hannah's powers as well.


// Aqua & Hannah s Powers //

Aqua: Sensing other supernaturals if they're close by.

Hannah: Healer and can feel other peoples feelings.


"Class will start in any minute." I said frowning, "Yeah.." Alec said nodding in agreement.

~Bell Rings~

"Hannah I'll see you next period!" I yell out to her as Alec grabs my hand and starts running to our class.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Aqua here.

I hope you guys like it so far! :)


Next chapter : 25 reads.


Bye! <3


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