This is my life now..
I think to myself.


1. // Chapter 1 : The Immortals //

// Hello, this chapter explains what the girls look like and their personality's. //


Turquoise eyes, white hair (slightly blonde), skinny, pale skin.

A happy girl that can sometimes take things too seriously but, loves her friends and looks after them with her life.



Dark purple tinted red eyes, dark brunette hair, skinny, naturally tanned.

Has a really funny attitude but serious when she has to be, badass and is good at parkour. (Jumping from building to building.)


I hope you'll like this book and we'll try to keep it as interesting as possible!


// Owner: Aquamarine //

// Co-Owner: Iam007sobeatthat //


// I love you guys so much I'll write the first chapter after we get 15 reads. //

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