Her Bully - Harry Styles

Harry Edward Styles; Popular, cute, flirt yet broken.
Chloe May Black; Nerd, cute, bullied yet happy.
When Harry and Chloe start to get to know each other more Chloe discovers why Harry's a bully and that all he really needs is someone to care and love for him. Will Chloe put their past behind and help the cute, curly haired boy or will she leave him, alone to dissolve?


1. Plot

Chloe May Black; sixteen, nerd, bullied yet as happy as could be....

Harry Edward Styles; Sixteen, cute, popular yet hurt....


When Chloe and Harry spend more and more time with each other Chloe relishes something big in Harry's life and all he really needs is someone to love and care for him but will Chloe put the past behind her and help the cute, curly haired boy or will she leave him to break and be torn apart...?

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