Abnegation - Competition Entry

Contains spoilers from the first book.


2. Dauntless

Several Months After The Choosing Ceremony - Dauntless/Erudite Attack Abnegation

Distant gun shots and cries crawl into my ears as I sit in the basement my mother lead me to, as well as many other people of Abnegation. I caress Tobias' hand whilst he continues to stare at Marcus across the room. 'Just let it go... please, for now,' I whisper to him, loud enough for only us to hear. He turns, looking deep into my eyes, and stays that way for many moments. Tobias seems empty, and blank - different to usual. Frantically, I wonder what he's thinking, and what he's planning to do. I smile pointlessly, hoping that somehow, it'll make a difference.

A gasp escapes my lips when his hands shoot towards my waist and pull me close to his body. Our lips then connect as he tips my head upwards and leans in. Suddenly, I'm aware of the people surrounding us, and about to pull away but the kiss deepens, and I'm lost in his arms. Any fear of possible death escapes me. I no longer care about the invisible soldiers, and their fires. All that matters now is Tobias, and the moments we share.

I feel a strike of rebellion, showing affection in public - a sign of vanity. Utter selfishness. When we brake apart, I expect all eyes to be focused on the young couple indulged in their own affairs, but to my relief, others were also focused on their own. Women panicked as they healed the ones unfortunately wounded, as the men sat together in huddles, solving the way out of the sudden attack. 'Are you okay?' Tobias' sweet words float around my head, making me think hard. Am I okay?

'I'm fine. Just that... this attack - it's diabolical. Why?' Like a true Abnegation, he nods along to the beat of my words, sitting there, hanging on to every drop, 'Hundreds are dying above our heads as we speak.'

'I know.' He says, tracing his thumb along my cheekbone, 'But at least everyone we care about is here, safe and out of harms way. Although, all I need alive is you.' I peck him on the lips in gratitude, then glance around the room. Tobias and my family are still alive... I should be happy. Or at least happier than I am. My mother lead us here as soon as the first person fell to the ground, in order to keep us all protected.

Suddenly I'm hit - my mother's no longer here.

Once more, I scan the room, making sure that I'm not paranoid, or my vision's blurry. Being correct, I dart for the door and fly upstairs, Tobias at my heels, 'Beatrice?' He hisses continuously. I stop in my tracks, peering over my shoulder, making sure nobody else is tagging along. Clearly, they were too busy to notice. Same with my mother.

'She's not there!' I explain, continuing up, but slowly in case we get noticed and shot. 'My mother - she's gone.'

'What are you planning on doing then?'

'I'll look for her!'

'What if you get shot? How would I and your family cope?' Halting, I lean against the grey, stone wall in the hallway, sliding down it, not thinking straight. I'm letting my dauntless take over. I'm becoming too willing, and too brave. But at the same time, I'm being selfless.

'I don't know.' I let out in a groan, 'What would you do though, if you had a chance to save your mother?' We stay there. Lost in our thoughts. Lost in life. For me, the next step is evident, but I can't leave Tobias behind. Then he speaks, coming out with something even worse.

'I'll save her for you.' I leap up and grab him, promising myself that I'll never let him go. But before even a second of holding has gone by he slips away, and climbs up the steps. Instinctively, I follow, not bearing the thought of losing him. The hallway finishes, and I'm greeted with light as well as shock. In less than half an hour the street I grew up in is transformed into ruins, making my heart sink, but it's not enough of a distraction to stop me save at least one of the people I care for.

I spy the tall runaway leap over a number of dead bodies, remains of the soldiers that previously roamed the streets, shooting at sight. Following his path , I copy, squirming inside once close up to the gore. The poor, innocent souls that had to fall to their death because of their faction.

Tobias halts, and spins on the spot, flying into an alleyway. My pace quickens, and when it's my turn to spin, I surprisingly find myself crashing into his grey back. 'Thank god, Tobias...' I wheeze. Over his shoulder, he looks at me, then his eyes dart to the ginger figure in the corner of the alley. Chloe. I'm pleasantly surprised she's here, to have the ability to see she's safe, and to distract Tobias from running, but she's holding a forbidden object - a gun. 'Did you steal that from a soldier, Chloe?' She pulls a smile, like the Chloe I know, but it's evil. Different, and wrong.

'I did' She nods.

'But... Why?' Tobias splutters rapidly.

'You'll be pleased to know, Beatrice, that I've found my calling. You tell me constantly to be who I want to be. Have courage, be you. So I listened to everything. And now, I have lots of courage,' I dread the following words, 'I'm Dauntless'.

'Good for you,' comes out of my mouth shaking, as I take another glance at the gun.

'Yes. But you clearly know, it's bad for you', she lifts the object, as I turn to face Tobias.

'I love you,' I scream, treasuring each and every last word.

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