Sorry I'm Sick

This is a story i usual write on my computer, and i was inspired by the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Where Leonardo DiCaprio play the little brother in the Grape Family who's Living with Autism. I really hope you like the story and the way i write it, please read it and leave some comments;-)



1. Part One •Prolugue•

My mom my brother and i live in a small town called Brinley Town in north Dakota. We are not a usual family. We have no dad, and my mom doesn't have normal kids. I'm living with Panic Disorder and my brother Frankie have Autism and Borderline, so my moms live a hard life. I'm seventeen and my brother is fourteen (but he is acting like a five year old) and i'm carring for Frankie when ever my mom is out or not around, which is almost every day. Two weeks ago Doctor Hall told me that i had a few holes in my left lung, and that he was going to give me some medicine that was supposed to health me at least four days after i started taking it, and now, it's two weeks after, and i don't feel any difference. My mom always tell me:

"It's okay. Doctor Hall is always right! He must have ment three weeks and not days."

I would just Shake my head and probably go outside. When i'm telling things like this, you probably think i'm a freak, a freak that's lonely and don't have anyone around, but that's not the truth. I'll give you a list with my close friends:

York Tune (it's a girl. Her mom and dad thought that she was a boy before she was born, so they named her York, and then; she finally got born but it was a girl, and her mom and dad were too lazy to find a new name for her. York Tune.)

Debra Bright (as you can hear, she's a girl. She's this kind of girl who want's something really bad. Just like me. She doesn't really have a reason why her name is Debra Bright, she just got it, and she doesn't have a life story. Yet.)

Camden Lee (Camden Lee is like my sister. She's always there for me, and she's like the second god for me. York and her is my sisters. Their all me siblings. The thing about Camden is, that she lives in the other end of the Brinley Town so she have like, three cars her dad (Jale Lee) bought her for her Birthday last year. Why three? Don't ask me.)

Nia Low (Nia is from France, or, her mom if from France, and her dad is from Ireland, so she's mixed: she's half from France, half from Ireland, and lives in America. She have this cute accent where she says 'ee' when she was supposed to say an 'I', but only when the 'I' sounds like and 'e'. It's difficult to explain.)

Ash Dunn (Ash, he's the kind of type who doesn't listen to his mom, and do whatever he want's. He usually wear lazy t-shirts, joggings or jeans. People say that he likes me, but he came to me by himself and told me that none of it was true. People just wanted something to talk about, and people to anoy. But he's a good guy.)

And so on... I have a lot of friends and a lot of friends i havn't told you about yet. But i can tell you about my dad. I have no dad. Or, i have a dad, i just don't know him, and don't want to know him. When he left this family for some reason, it must be a serious reason, and a reason i don't want to ruin.

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