Mr. Popular and I


1. Chapter 1: Karma is a female dog.

"You gotta wake up now, Rose." I could hear my mom shouting from the kitchen.

"I'll be down in 5" I shouted back. Well, she knew me well enough to know that that would never happen.

I got up of bed after I checked out the newest gossip. As any teenager, I was basically following the news about the 'stars'. I went over to wardrobe and found something to wear. I would go with a floral skater skirt and a black crop top. I debated whether I should wear a cardigan over or not. I decided to go with a yes because it would probably go from warm to cold or rainy since we have this front weather in London. I fixed my hair, actually i didn't fix it at all, I just had it loose, brown and wavy. I picked out some black boots and went downstairs to find my mom and dad eating breakfast. I placed my boots in front of the door, I know how much my mom hated when the house wasn't clean.

"Morning" I said, walking over to give both of them a kiss on their cheek. Yes, I am both moms and daddy's girl.

"Morning sweetheart." My dad smiled at me. I took a plate and a cup and sat down eating with them. We chit chatted a bit, and when the clock was 7.30 I decided to go.

"Have a great day, honey." My lovely parents said before I closed the door. I decided to walk to school today, after all it surely was time to get some exercise. I got my headphones up, and a random song started playing. To be honest I was a nerd in the school, and I'm not popular, that's for sure. But I'm fine with that, I don't like attention.

When I arrived to school I saw the schools popular boy, Leon, flirt with those cheerleaders or the other way around. The cheerleaders flirting with Leon. I didn't get why being with the popular boy was so important for them. Well, he is gorgeous but to be honest I think he has the worst soul. I made my way to my first class that was English. I sat infront of the teachers table.

When our teacher, Mr. Poulson came in everyone sat at their places, and of course our oh-so-perfect Leon came late.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Mr. Poulson, and I'm sorry I'm late." He said.

"You should be. Take a seat next to Rose." Mr. Poulson said.

He sat next to me, I wondered how he even knew I was Rose.

"Okay, today I will be introducing you to a new project where you are gonna work in pair, two and two. So Alexander and James, Lindsay and Cate, Roselyn and Leon...

No freaking way I was gonna make a project with this bastard. Never in a 100 years.

"You serious?!" Leon and I said at the same time.

"Serious." Mr. Poulson said.

"If you didn't come late, then this wouldn't happen Mr. Oh-so-popular-kid." I said, annoyed.

"Oh well, if you didn't sit infront of the teachers table it wouldn't happen either, Ms. Oh-so-clever-kid." He snapped





"I'm not a freak!" I snapped and crossed my arms. "Ohhhoo! Yes you are." He looked annoyed.

"We gotta get this figured out so we can be done with this freaking project as fast as possible." He said with annoyance. "Ha! And that comes from you." I snapped.

"What about you coming at my home today?" He asked. "I'd rather die than come to your home. You'll come at my home 3 p.m." I said "You scared of going home with the schools badass?" He smirked "No, definitely not. I just want to make sure that you aren't a murder." I smiled "Well then. It's a date." He smirked even more. "I'll pick you you up when your last class is finished." He looked at me. "I'm fine with walking home. Alone." I answered. "Actually, you need to let me drive you home because I don't know the way to your house. So you don't have a choice." He smirked.

The bell ranged and I stormed our of class. What was that about? I saw Helen waiting for me at the door. I walked over to her and told her about the English class.

"Omg! You're so lucky! It's freaking Leon Helmswood!" She said surprising

"Yeah, that's my point. It's him." I said annoyed.

"He's the schools most popular boy. You should freak out because of this!" She almost screamed in my face.

"Shh. To me he's not that popular at all." I said.

The bell ranged again and the next class was math. Luckily i didn't have math class with that bastard, named Leon.

The rest of the day went quite good, I got my straight A's as usual. When I went outside I saw Leon making out with a girl beside his car. Gross.

I walked over to them. "Ehrem." I said

Leon got a shock and looked at me. "Uh-em yeah, eh, gotta go now Hun." He kissed the slut, and opened the passengers door. It was a quite nice car.

There was low background music and I was in an awkward situation.

"Soo?" He said, sounded like a question but eh.

"Soo?" I said back.

"Soo, where am I going." He grinned, well this was definitely awkward.

"Uh, sorry eh, you gotta go straight up here and then to the right, and to the right again and then to the left. That's it." I said turning red.

His lips curled up into a smile. "No need to turn red, babe."

"Do not call me babe." I said coldly.

"Make me. Babe, babe, babe, babe." He said coolly and looked at me.

"Keep your eyes at the road. I don't wanna die at seventeen years." I said

"Fine, babe." He grinned. I felt my heart pump faster, his grin was perfect.

The rest of the car ride was silent, and we didn't say a word more to each other.

When we came to my house I told him to stop the car, and we both went out of the car.

"Wow, what a beautiful house." He said, his mouth forming an o.

"I know." I smirked at his reaction.

I opened the door, my parents wouldn't be home in a week from now, so I got it all to myself.

"Where's your room?" Leon asked

"Upstairs." I answered simply.

When we went upstairs he laid on my bed.

"Perfect." He closed his eyes.

"Listen, you didn't come here to sleep." I said "And by the way, it is my bed, my house, my rules. Now get the heck up." I said laughing.

"Make me." He said playfully

I tried to get him up, but unsuccessfully. He grabbed my arms and woops, now I was the one laying on the bed.

"Get. Rid. Of. Me." I said, laughing in between the words because he tickled me.

"Maaaake me." He said, again.

Without thinking I punched him on the face.

"Ouch!" He said, while touching his face.

"You better stop touching me next time, murder." I smiled, I was kinda proud.

"I'm gonna get revenge." He said with an evil voice.

"Wauw, I should be scared of one like you?" I grinned.

"You should. I can be sweet, but I can also be really evil." He looked deep into my eyes

"Get rid of me." I said coldly.

"I choose not to be evil. Yet." He smirked

"Let me go now, please." I looked into his eyes. Adorable baby blue.

"You know, karma is a bitch." He said letting me go and went to sit on the chair.

"A bitch is a female dog in the old centuries." I said, feeling smart.

"Okay then, karma is a female dog." He said grinning.

"What's the clock anyway?" I asked.

"5 p.m! I'm sorry but I gotta go! I'll text you or something!" He stormed downstairs to the door and ran into his car. Suddenly he was gone.

I went upstairs to my room and sat on my bed wondering why he should rush. I actually had a great time with him, Mr. Popular.

*BIIIP BIIIP* my phone was making that message sound.

Blocked number: Sorry I just rushed away. Had a great time. Wanna come to a frat party tonight? I'll pick you up 7. See you later, babe.

I couldn't write back because the number was blocked. What a smartass. Ugh.

I decided to take a shower.


I came out of the shower, and brushed my hair. My mum told me that it wasn't good to brush your hair when it's wet, but whatever, doesn't really matter right now. I went over to my wardrobe and looked at the dresses I had.

I picked up a black, short, tight dress. It had many sequins. I chose to take it on with some red high-heeled shoes. The clock was already 6.30.

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