broken wings

i'm 16 year boy Frank, i'm going to a new high school as i moved from Canada to California.i always listen to bands like black veil brides, bring me the horizon,etc. i'm a song writer also. read out why my new high school is hell.


1. New Life

Moving to California to the grandma's house after when dad leaves me and mom. I hope that i would make friends in California. can't wait to meet grandma i haven't meet her after my 6th grade, i hope she would be fine. 


*After reaching grandma's house*

''hey grandma how are you", i asked. "i'm fine my boy how are you my boy you have been big ", grandma said, "i'm fine too", i said *hugs* . then grandma showed me my room where i was gonna stay. it was so huge. after keeping my bags, i just take my favorite bag which was full of band poster and their albums and then i started to stick poster and arrange the albums in order.


my first friend in California become a dog which was my grandma's pet his name was was gone to my new high school to take admission in it for me. as the day passed at night when we were having dinner mom told me about the new high school.

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