Misguided Love


9. That Someone


Some people don't like being alone.

For me its like a haven,

Its safe and Im free to be me

No judgment, no criticism.


Just me and my music.

But sometimes its good to have someone,

To talk to, to vent to 

Someone to spill your emotions to


They don't even have to listen

Just sit there and nod

They won't be able to say its okay

But they'll smile and nod just the same 


They may not be real,

Only your trusty imagination

But does it really matter?

At least someones listening.


Even if it is only you, 

They'll tell you what you want to hear

And they will always be on your side

Because you should always believe


In yourself and in others

Because someone will listen

Someone will care

You just have to find someone 


Thats good at smiling

And good at nodding

Someone that will pretend to care

And someone that will always be there.


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