Misguided Love


2. People Lie


Someone once told me that I'll never succeed in life

That its pointless and I'll never be a wife.

That I'll never get what I want

And that I'll never be able to flaunt.


'You'll never amount to anything' they said

You may as well be dead.

No one will ever miss you

And thats everyones point of view.


If you disappeared no one would care

So just disappear into thin air.

Don't you ever come back

You pathetic, sad sack.


No one would see

And we would be free.

Because you were unwanted

And now we are hunted.


Because you came back

 Now we're under attack.

'We were wrong' they said.

'We never wished you were dead'


Lies is all they say

So I will never go away.

Because their lies killed me

And now I torture them with glee.



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