Misguided Love


5. My Life

Okay so this one was just me rambling on while I was waiting to get my hair cut. Its just a free verse type a thing. Its a bit silly but I was SERIOUSLY bored! Haven't posted in a while and Im sorry for that. I dislocated my shoulder AGAIN and my parents took my laptop off me. Apparently doing that would help my social life. Well they were wrong haha
Anyways! Hope you guys like it! :)


I'm starting to believe that being alone is something I should get used too.
Not having friends, not being loved.
Maybe some people are made to be alone,
Not having a soul mate or a friend in the world,
I'm starting to think that's me.
Never have I ever found love,
Never have I ever had a best friend
Or had a sleepover.
I think people think I'm too weird.
I'm not cool enough and I don't have revealing  or cool clothes,
No crop tops and no shorts that hardly cover my ass.
Some people live the fancy lifestyle
While I live a simple farmer life.
I've known how to drive since I was 7
Tractors, trucks, harvesters, bulldozers, cars and excavators,
I swear to you I'm not exaggerating.
My hands aren't soft and I don't have perfect nails
And none of those god awful heels that sink in the mud..
No horrendous dresses and skirts that flash everyone when you climb a fence.
I swim in a dam instead of in some fancy pool.
I'm a simple girl and I have not many friends..
Not really how I imagined my teenage life
But I couldn't ask for anything better.
I have no neighbours and a road to ourselves.
We own a lake and a thousand acres of land.
Being able to walk wherever you want, 
Being totally free in that sense.

And if I can be even slightly free

I do whatever it takes..


Thanks guys :) 

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