Misguided Love


1. Misguided love


If tomorrow never comes

Does that mean our plans will turn to crumbs?

Whenever I'm with you

 Tomorrow doesn't make me feel blue.


My plans revolve around you

But when you say no, its like I knew

You never wanted me

You just wanted to love for free.


So when you left me all alone

I really should have known

That you were never coming back

Maybe you got lost on that track? 


Maybe you just can't find your way 

But everyday I pray

That you'll come back safely 

I check that road daily.


But your never there

Never riding on your mare 

That dusty road is always the same

Because you never came.


Tomorrow, I tell myself

But tomorrow its self,

Never comes

So I twiddle my thumbs.


I wasted my life

Waiting for you to return to your wife

Im dead and lifeless

But at least now your wifeless.


I hope you found a place

Where you could vanish without a trace

If your not there

I hope your walking on air.


I'll see you tomorrow my love

When I will be as free as a dove

What you my love,

Will be unworthy of.



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