Misguided Love


4. Just a rant in the form of a poem

This ones kinda sad unfortunately. I just needed to get some things off my chest..


Why are people never considered good enough?

Cant they see that life is already tough

Without having to be pretty

'Its such a waste, such a pity'


'You could be beautiful you know'

If you make you face look like dough

'Your face is so bland

And your not even tanned'


Oh no, what am I going to do?

Im not perfect and I don't look like you!

You should just disown me now

Are my looks just something you couldn't allow?


'your so fat, you don't even have a good thigh gap!'

You tell the used-to-be anorexic girl she's fat, do you want me to snap?!

How could you say that to me?

How are we on the same family tree?


You knew I was sick

Just like I know your a dick

Really, how idiotic do you have to be

Are you blind? Can you not see?


Its not like I can help it

But at least its something I can admit

I know I was sick

And I know I'll be heading that way again in a tick


Im trying, I really am

Its not like I can gain weight like BAM.

Im just not hungry anymore

And my stomach just doesn't roar..


Sorry guys...

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