Misguided Love


10. If We Found Love

Its like your worlds falling to pieces

Its the earth crumbling

The rivers flooding

The sun burning


Its something that cannot be explained

Something that is completely unknown

Its not of evolution

And its not something that can be learned


Its something that explodes in your stomach 

Or so Ive been told, 

Like fireworks

Or setting butterflies free


I hope someday, I will have it

That something considered so fabulous

But I also don't think I deserve it

I don't think Im worthy..


Knowing that someone else will be happy 

Because of something I do

Seems so unlikely 

Something so unreal.


One day I'll have love,

When Im older and wiser

Prettier and better

And when I'm smarter.


I'll be happy

Well, I hope anyway.

Someday I'll be fine

Because someday I'll have love...

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