Life in a gang (hollywood undead fan fic)

Cassidy is walking down the street when she is kidnapped the gang that kidnapped her needs her for a mission will it be a dangerous mission? Will Cassidy get killed? Find out in life in a gang


1. kidnapped

Cassidy's pov

I was walking down the street when I heard 6 deep laughs around the corner followed by a scream and a loud bang being the idiot I am I looked around the corner

Six guys came the one with a bandanna over his mouth and sunglasses pulled out the gun he had and hit me in the head next thing I know I'm on the ground unconscious

I wake up with a massive headache when I look around the room I see I'm in a dark place and I'm chained to the wall soon 6 guys walk in the guy with the bandanna and sunglasses says " I'm Charlie scene " and introduced me to the rest there was funny man, Johnny 3 tears, j-dog, da Kurlzz , deuce I recognized the names and there masks then it hit me they are the biggest gang in town deuce unchained me and took my hand as I stood up

We walked out of the room into a beautiful lounge they all sat on the couches there was no more room so deuce sat me on his lap we all just talked for a while then deuce pulled me up and took me to a room he started mumbling about something then he stood up and told me to wait here after a while I heard screams followed by a crash I stood up and ran down the stairs to find ...

(A/n haha cliff hanger tell me if I should keep this story )

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