Help me. (harry styles)

Everybody wonders what goes through the bad boy; Harry styles mind, but will the girl who hates him find out about his dark past? or push him away?


4. The Club

~Harry's P.O.V.~

The music was loud and girls were everywhere. I had just drowned in my third drink and already felt the buzz. Zayn and Niall came over looking very pissed.

"That prick James is here and he's looking for you." Niall informed me.

"Let him come to me. I have better things to do than deal with his shit." I replied.

"well what are you going to do when he's over there with Angel?" Zayn  questioned. I turned my head to their direction and my blood began to boil. Angel had her arms around his neck and James had his filthy hands on her waist. Are they together? I walk over and Angel grimaced causing James to turn around and smirk.     

"Well, if it isn't harry styles. how you been mate?" He asked.

"well, I was fine until I saw you with her." I said nodding towards Angel, she rolled her eyes.

"Baby let's go." She told him but he just pushed her behind him.

"what ever do you mean Styles?" He challenged, getting slightly in my face.

"your little girlfriend  has been claimed."

"and by who might I ask?"

I really want to kill him but there are too many people around for me to handle my lightweight.

"I think you know who." I finished. and began to walk away when I heard a gun cock.

"too bad you'll never get her." he said . I look at angel and she look terrified, she was backing up towards the exit very slowly.

"why don't you put the gun down and fight me like a man?"

James dropped the gun and  charged at me throwing me off balance a little. he hit me 2 times before I began beating him, punching him in his face or wherever my fist landed. I grabbed his gun and  shot him twice in his head. I look up and no one seemed to notice due to how loud the music was. from the corner of my eye I saw a figure staring. Angel. She stood there frozen and then started to run, I ran after her, when I caught her she was hysterical.

"you fucking killed my boyfriend!" she yelled at me.

"suck it up, you'll be ok. he wasn't good enough for you."

" up? how do you expect me to suck it up after a stupid fuck just killed my boyfriend all because of some girl who hates his existence?"

"like I said, you'll be ok"

~Angels POV~

'' like I said, you'll be ok." I promise if I wasn't crying I would slap him

"just leave me alone. I hate you and everything about you. you are selfish and demanding and take whatever you please, you disgust me."

he smirked and came closer to me

"you know I cant leave what's mine alone. you belong to me, I claimed you and will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me.''

before I could reply harry began sucking on my neck. I tried pushing him away but he pulled my arms behind my back and forced my neck over for more access. after 2 minutes, he pulled away from me. I whimpered as I felt a bruise on my neck.
"now everybody will know that you belong to me. now go home and I'll pick you up tomorrow."

I began running. When I got home I cried. all of this is my fault. James would still be alive if we stayed here.

I go to the bathroom to clean myself up, as I looked in the mirror I saw the bruise that harry left. it was purple and looked like the letter H. I took a shower. I found one of my blades and began cutting my skin. 5 times for James and 5 times for Angel. I watched the blood run into the  drain as I cried again. When I was done, I cried myself to sleep.

I love you James.


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