Help me. (harry styles)

Everybody wonders what goes through the bad boy; Harry styles mind, but will the girl who hates him find out about his dark past? or push him away?


5. Memories.

 The next morning I woke up to feel a dent in my bed, I roll over and screamed.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled at the pig in my house.

"you know, you shouldn't leave your doors unlocked, you don't know who could just walk in.'' he said with his annoying cheeky smile. yea,


I woke up with Harry Styles in my bed. Great.

 I sat up and moved the hair from my face. Harry got out of my bed not before patting my leg.

"c'mon get dressed. I am taking you out."

"I'm not going anywhere harry."

"whyyyyyy? He pouted.

"oh. I don't know but the fact that you KILLED  MY BOYFRIEND LAST NIGHT! AND NOW YOU WANT TO TAKE ME OUT? no. you can go fuck yourself."

 he looked at me serious for once.

" I'm sorry I killed James last night, but he wasn't who you thought he was." he explained.

 "And what makes you any different? if you are saying that James was a terrible person, what makes you better? James loved me and he tried to get out of the mess he was in and I knew about all of his 'jobs' and what he did to survive and everyone were after him and all he wanted to do was escape and you know what you did? YOU KILLED HIM. "


he took a deep breath

" I understand how you feel trust me I do but the James you know is not the James I know. I killed him for a reason that I cant explain to you right now. but James was the wrong person for you."

" If you say so. What was the kind of James you know?" I challenged.

"James was a drug dealer and he would kill anyone even BABIES and he had no mercy towards anyone and he was still the same."

"That's where you're wrong. He changed for me. I know he used to kill people and I didn't know he had a gun last night either. After he met me. he hasn't killed anyone. yea, he would get into fights but he knew how to control himself. but you on the other hand cant. you are incapable to even calm yourself down without punching a wall. Can you even be remotely happy? no because you are the new James. you cant do anything for yourself."


"well if I were the new James I would've killed you the first time you started ranting on about how useless I am. and if I were James I would've beaten you. for three months you came to school with bruises and I wanted to show you how much you are really worth and you treat me like shit. I may be a complete asshole at times but all I ever wanted was to prove to you that there are people out there who know how to treat a lady. I'm sorry I killed James and I know that you wont be able to forgive me RIGHT now but I hope that one day we can at least be friends and this is all coming form the REAL harry styles. The kind, loving, and serious harry."

I looked at him shocked. He actually  said something non-cocky. all I wanted was a hug now.

"I'm sorry I went off on you harry. You didn't deserve that."

"no big deal, you had to vent. Now get dressed. I'll cook for you while you get ready."

I smiled. actually.

" I am holding you to that styles, now get out of my room."

he chuckled as he walked out.

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