Help me. (harry styles)

Everybody wonders what goes through the bad boy; Harry styles mind, but will the girl who hates him find out about his dark past? or push him away?


2. Biancaaa


Hello bad bitches of wherever you are. I am Bianca the queen of all bad bitches. Whatever Angel told you about herself is wrong. When ever she is near a boy she gets all shy and shit, like REALLY??? she speaks her mind unless it's me cuz I will beat a  b-otch down.



Anywhooooo. I am Puerto Rican ,brown eyes, black hair the whole thing but yea I'm 21  and like to do certain things that you DONT NEED TO KNOW. I hate Fucking Harry Styles. He is always hitting on Angel an Angel wont tell him to back up you know?


 but yea that's me..


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