Help me. (harry styles)

Everybody wonders what goes through the bad boy; Harry styles mind, but will the girl who hates him find out about his dark past? or push him away?


3. Another Fight

" Why did you drag me allllll the way over to England so I can go to college looking like this?" Bianca said as she complained about her uniform.

"you had a choice B' "

"well, next time I'm saying HELL TO THE NO ok?"

I laughed she would never leave me. We get in her car and go to school


As I  got out of the car I heard someone whistle at me. I turn to see nothing but Harry Styles and his little group. Liam, Zayn, Niall, And Louis. Harry was looking at me from the top of my head down to the bottom of my feet, I felt mentally raped by that pervert and his friends. I ignored them and kept walking.

"Ahh, baby don't be like that." I heard him yelled to me. Bianca scoffed.

" I fucking hate him with all that's in my little body." She said. She 5'0.

"just ignore them." I said trying to calm her short temper. she took a deep breath and we walked towards our friends and Bianca's boyfriend Juanito. He came here with us.

"Angel, you still let him talk to you like that?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I ignore his snide comments, he may be a little pig but I don't have to bring myself to his level juanito." I explained. 

''well, I'm going to go talk to him the next time he even touches you. My little sister will not be treated this way."

"Thanks buba" the bell rang and we all were going to class when I felt soft hands wrap around my waist and slowly rocking us side to side.

"why did you reject me babe?'' The husky voice asked. I turned around to find the devil touching me... and Juanito getting mad.

"First of all, im not your babe. And second of all don't touch me." I said in disgust, and all he did was smirk.

"Trust me, you liked it until you found out it was me." He put his hands back on my waist and juanito had enough of it.

"you know, I could've sworn that Angel had asked this pig to not touch her and now he is yet again touching her." He said

"why don't you mind your own business prick." Harry retorted and juanito punched him. He wasn't Phased, he turn and hit juanito so hard that I swear it was broken. his nose started bleeding instantly and they began fighting. The fight ended with juanito on the floor knocked out, and Harry running away like a little bitch. but where was he going?


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