In His Eyes (Book 2)

"Remember her ocean blue eyes, her waed blonde hair,


1. New Beginning

Author's Note:

Hey guys! MeagPotter here and this is a sequel to "If I'm Gonna Die Young...". So if your reading this book and haven't read the first book be sure to check that out in my Movellas. I also went ahead and let you guys know that from now on when I start a book to help you guys know what your getting into, I'm going to be putting why the book is rated what it is. Most of my books are rated "Y" (for yellow) but that's not always for bad things it might just be something mild like violence. So let's start off with this books rating.

Language: (1/5) In the book I might say "crap, idiot, stupid" that's about it. I don't cuss. 

Sex: (3/5) My characters don't actually have sex. They might kiss a few times and it might be a bit descriptive but nothing in that range ever happens. 

Violence: (3/5) Some people will get hurt and it will be somewhat descriptive to get the point across. 

Drinking/Drugs/Smoking: (3/5) There is a guy taking drugs (although it's for a mental disorder) and get's caught up in them. No smoking or drinking so far. 




(Jase's POV)


A shutter fell through me as I sat patiently now realizing the tapping from my toes were making me even more troubled. I twiddled my fingers instead and let my mind take a moment. It must have been a couple minutes because me mom tapped me on the shoulder. "Mom!" I explained and jumped into her arms.

"What's wrong?" a desperation came across her face and it was eager for my own desperation.

"It's Austen..." I trailed off, just thinking about her. One day she's in my arms and the next she's lying on the ground next to the same place we started our relationship. I remember her cold dead body trembling in my arms, the stains on my shirt still stained. "she's been shot..."

My mother jumped with surprise, she then realized my blood stained shirt and screamed in agony. "Did the get you too?!" she raged in horror.

"No ,mom. I'm fine." I smiled giving her reassurance and I sat back down waiting for the doctor to greet us with some kind of news.

It took about 30 minutes till we were met by Doctor Finney, we took a seat in his office and took a moment looking through papers and deciding what to inform us first. "It seems as though she's been shot in the lung. The lung could easily been removed and she could go on with her life, but that was only if she got medical help right away. To us it seems that she had been gone by herself shot for at least 20 minutes. Then you found her and it took another 30 minutes to get her here and then we had to spend 10 minutes on prepping and testing." he explains leaning toward us from the opposite side of the desk. "So we are not 100% positive whats going to happen to her... She had no other relations than her mother and father, which to my sheet says are dead. Do you know of any other contact?" he looks mainly to me and then to my mother.

"What about her brother?" I wonder. "He's the one she's been staying with."

"It says here that her brother died in her mothers belly." he checks the papers once again scanning through, finds it, and then shows me:

Kin of Mr. (Ryan) & Mrs. (Paige) Tyler:

Austin Tyler

Titus Tyler (diseased when born)

I my eyes grow wide, "You mean to tell me that the Mason, has been living with my girlfriend her whole life believing that he was her one and only brother?" 

"Did you just say Mason?" he leans in curiously.

"Yes," I start, "Why?" 

His eyes linger back to his desktop and he types in come words calculating something in his mind. "You mean, this Mason?" he turns the HP desktop to our visible sight and I concentrate slowly. 

"Yes..." I fade off.

"This is Mason Dean." he informs me and scoots to the desktop back towards him. "He has no family whatsoever. Or at least that we've located... Is there something you know about this boy? Because he's been to our rehab department about ten times in the past five weeks. He's been saying that people are telling him to do things, things he doesn't want to do. We believe he has Schizophrenia." 

I sit back in my seat taking it all in, What would Austen's parents want to do with a mentally disordered boy in their house? Why would they take him in? "Have you seen this boy lately? Why has he been to your rehab department?" I question suspiciously. 

"Well," he looks to his hands which I can see he's getting a bit secretive on this topic. "He's been taking drugs to make the 'things' go away and apparently he's been stealing some and just taking drugs in general which can actually make his condition even worse."

I struggle to think of all of this. This can't be happening. 

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