Open With Truthful Lyrics

~An Aaron McLaughlin fanfic~
An 18 year old named Aaron is a trouble making bad boy who plays with L-O-V-E love. His parents and brother died when he was 17. He's paired up with a girl to do a song writing project. These two opposites find it hard to do something together but soon finds that the difference is slimmer than thought.


3. Smile Through Pain

Chapter Three-- Smile Through Pain

I wake up with a knock one door.

I sigh and stand up.

I walk into the kitchen and I light a cigarette and I open the door.

Brianna was standing there with a white board and a notebook.

She grabs her blue marker and writes the simple word 'Hello' on it.

I roll my eyes.

I wave.

She wipes off the word with her white sleeve staining it a bit. She quickly writes something else and turns the board around.

'Love song?'

I grab the white board and I wipe it off with my hand and write, 'No song'

She rolls her eyes.

I put out my cigarette.

She tries to grab her whiteboard back but I don't give it back. She grabs the notebook and writes, 'We have to!!'

I sigh.

"I don't like music." I mumble.

She shrugs.

She walks in and walks into my bedroom.

She sits on my bed and hands me her notebook.

It's got lyrics in it...

"If you knew how I felt,

You would surely freak.

If I see you again I'll surely melt..." I say aloud.

I skim over the other lyrics.

She grabs her white board back and writes the question, 'Can you sing it?'

My eyes grow.

"I can't sing." I mumble.

She shakes her head.

I nod.

'Just do it!' She writes really fast onto the board.

I look up at her, she's smiling from ear to ear.

I take a deep breath, right before the first word escapes my lungs I hear a knock.

I jump up and I open the door.

It was Alex...

"Alex what are-"

"See you remembered my name." She says.

She walks in and opens my fridge.

"Ew you like oranges." She mumbles.

"What the hell-"

"So Aaron," She starts interrupting me again. She takes a bite of an apple, "you've got a tramp over?" She mumbles sitting down and crossing her legs.

Brianna peaks her head from around the corner.

"Brianna is here. We have to write a song for class." I say.

Brianna nods.

"Brianna! If I knew it was you I would've come sooner!"

I look at them confused.

"Question... Alex did you come here for sex?" I ask.

She laughs, "Now why the hell would I want to touch you?" She asks.

She grabs Brianna's arm and pulls her into my bathroom.

I bang on my door.

"C'mon! I have to go to the bathroom!" I yell.

They laugh and ignore me.

Girls are confusing as fuck.

I sit down outside the door.

I hear Alex saying a lot.

Then I hear a voice I've never heard... Was it Brianna's voice.

I only heard that voice once.

Then she walks out. Her hair was brushed for once and her clothes were different.

I look at Alex, she was wearing Brianna's matted torn clothes.

"Well well well, you certainly look like a fox now." I say.

Brianna blushes and Alex rolls her eyes.

"Don't fall for him. He's a douche." She says.

"You're aware I can hear you?" I say.

"You're aware that I don't care?" She snaps.

"You're aware that you're a slut?" I say.

"You're aware that you're a dy-" Brianna grabs her arm stopping her.

Alex shoots a dirty look at me.

"We should go Brianna." Alex says.

Brianna whispers something Alex's ear. She sighs.

"She wants to know what you've got against music." Alex asks.

I sigh, I fill up all my anger towards music, "The music industry is dumb. No one actually listens to the lyrics, and very rarely the voice. It's just if the guy is hot or and who the girl dates. No one actually cares about the music... It's just the persons personal life. It sickens me how much they have to get into their personal life."

They nod. Alex walks out with Brianna following.

I lay down and I push my hair back in stress.

I open my pack of weeds but there's none left.

I sigh.

I just bought this pack. I could've sworn there was-

I see broken cigarettes on the floor.

"Dammit!" I yell.

Alex freaking broke five cigarettes!

I stand up and check my pockets but all I found was lent, a lighter, and a quarter... No weeds.


It was about a week of no visitors until I get a call from my friend Harry.

I guess there's another party. I smile.

I need a party. I need a girl. I need a drink.

On the way to the party I get another call from Natalie.

"Hey baby." I say.

"Don't tell me you're going to Madison's party." She says.

"I am."

"You need to work on that song."

"It's done." I say.

Brianna texted me yesterday telling me she finished it.

"Well you also-" I hang up.

I don't want work.

A few hours later guess where I was, I was in the bedroom with a girl. Her name was,

"Haley you're so beautiful." I whisper.

"My name is Anna." She says.


"Yeah sure whatever, can I call you Haley." I say.

I kiss her neck.

She chuckles and nods.

Right before I unhook her bra I hear the door open.

I turn around and see Natalie.

"What the-"

"You're a pig." She mumbles under her breath.

"You need to seriously," I stand up, "Need to learn to knock." I say.

"Three things," she says holding 3 fingers, "One, Anna please leave." She stands up.

"More then happy to." She buttons her jeans and walks out.

I sigh.

"Two, you seriously need to stop sleeping with every girl."

I roll my eyes, "As long as you're here I won't get any girl." I mumble.

I cross my arms.

"Three, I don't have to knock." She says.

She walks over to the dresser in the room.

"Um yeah you do." She opens the dresser, "And maybe you should stay out of other people'a stuff."

"This is my room." She mumbles.

My eyes grow.

She picks up my shirt on the floor and throws it at me.

"Fix your belt and put on a goddamn shirt." She says.

I walk close to her.

"You know, I've never realized until now how beautiful you are." I say.

She blushes a bit.

"Really?" She asks.

"Why would I lie?" I ask.

She bites her lip.

I tuck her hair behind her ear and I lean in.

Right before our lips touch she jerks herself back.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"I'm never kissing you." She responds, "You just want a girl to have a one night stand with..." She whispers.

She storms out of the room.

I lay down and burry my face in my hands.

I hear the door open.

Soon I feel soft lips against mine.

I open my eyes to see who it was... Alex?

I stop her.

"Why-" She pulls me onto my feet.

"I knew you'd talk to me if I did something like that." She says.

"You're sexiness equals your smarts." I say.

"Aaron," She starts, "There was an accident."

She sits me down.

Worry fills me...

What on earth happened?

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