Open With Truthful Lyrics

~An Aaron McLaughlin fanfic~
An 18 year old named Aaron is a trouble making bad boy who plays with L-O-V-E love. His parents and brother died when he was 17. He's paired up with a girl to do a song writing project. These two opposites find it hard to do something together but soon finds that the difference is slimmer than thought.


8. I'm Screwed

Chapter 8-- I'm Screwed

Brianna has been coming over more often. Alex went out of town on a school trip.

I hummed to the tune of Brianna's song.

I grab an apple and toss it up in the air, she walks over and catches it before I can.

She sits down and continues to write her song.

She's so beautiful.

Why hadn't I had seen this before.

Her black hair reflects the light as it hits it.

Her glasses slide down her nose and she pushes them back up without even a second thought.


The quiet one.

She looks up and catches me staring.

"What?" She asks.

"Does Alex know?" I ask.

She shakes her head.

"Why would I tell?" She asks.

I shrug.

"To brag." I say.

"You're not as big and bad as you think you are Aaron."

I loved it when she said my name.

She got up and put her hand on my knee then softly kissed me.

She stops and smiles, "you ready to sing?" She asks.

I nod and stand up.

She hands me the chorus and the second verse.

I clear my throat and she starts to play the piano.

"Take my hand,

And I'll show you the beauty of a summer night.

I'll do all I can,

To treat you right.

If I could,

I'd hold a galaxy in my two hands.

But I can,

Show you this summer night.

Just let me,

Tonight-" she stops me by kissing me.

Wow we going to keep doing this.

"You're voice is beautiful." She whispers.

I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waste.

"Thanks." I whisper.

I carry her to the couch and she takes off her shirt.

I feel her hand go up the back of mine and then slide it off.

I feel her bare stomach against mine.

And I think of her song,

Such a perfect song.


Next thing I knew we were sitting back were we were.

We didn't do anything...

We got to second base but that's about it.

I'm growing to love this song more and more.


I hear the door open and someone jump onto my back and kiss the back of my head.

"Guess who?!" I hear a girl say.

"Adreanna I told you, you can't just come in like that you have to call first." I say.

She laughs and flicks the back of my head. It was clearly Alex

"So Aaron I've realized something." Alex says getting down.

"What?" I ask.

"You've never said anything at all sweet." She holds up a hardback journal, my hardback journal, "but I did find some stuff in here." She says biting her lip.

"C'mon Alex." I mumble.

"Read it!" Brianna yells laughing.

She flips to a random page,

"Love is a four lettered word we all search so hard to find because we're too blind to see that's it's right in front of us. I will love this girl forever and beyond because I've cleaned my glasses so now I can clearly see that it's you I should be with." Alex says laughing.

I sit down and cross my arms.

"Way to make me look like a puss." I mumble.

"Hey you wrote it!" Alex says.

She sits next to me and puts her head on my shoulder.

That's when I realized...

I'm screwed.

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