Open With Truthful Lyrics

~An Aaron McLaughlin fanfic~
An 18 year old named Aaron is a trouble making bad boy who plays with L-O-V-E love. His parents and brother died when he was 17. He's paired up with a girl to do a song writing project. These two opposites find it hard to do something together but soon finds that the difference is slimmer than thought.


5. Alex: The Easiest To Fall For

Chapter Five-- Alex: The Easiest To Fall For

I lay down listening Pierce The Veil.

Actually it was the song King For A Day so it's also Sleeping With Sirens I guess.

"Imagine living like a king someday. A single night without a ghost in the walls. We are the shadows screaming take us now. We'd-"

"So, Aaron, you can sing." I hear Alex say.

"You know..." I sit up, "You girls come in without knocking too much. It's like breaking and entering who is illegal." I say.

I look over and I see Natalie is next to her.

"Why are you two here?" I ask.

"Aaron I best suggest you stop." Natalie says.

"Stop what?" I ask.

"Stop being a jerk to Brianna! She doesn't even talk to you she only talks to me and she's told me a lot! And when I say a lot I mean, a lot! about you Aaron McLaughlin!" Alex yells.

"Natalie... Can you give me and Alex a moment please." She nods and walks out.

"Aaron! I swear, if-" I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about this... I'll be nicer to Brianna." I mumble.

"Really?" She asks.

"Well, no... But, I won't get meaner." I say.

"Aaron I swear to God you're pushing all my buttons! If you don't being mean then I'll-"

Then... I did something that not only shocked her... But shocked me.

I kissed her.

At first she didn't kiss me back, then shockingly... She did.

Then she pulls herself away.

"What a way to make me shut up." She mumbles.

"Yeah sure whatever." I mumble.

I can't catch feelings.

I can't care.

No emotions......

Too bad then and there I realized you can't get rid of an emotion that has filled your heart.

"I don't want to song the song... I hate music." I say.

"No you don't. I just heard you listening to music... Why do you always say you hate music? I think it's clear that... You don't." She says.

I sigh, "I hate the music industry." I say.

"The music industry and music are two different things." She mumbles.

I sigh, "I like music okay? But I don't like singing and I don't want people to know I like music." I say.

She does the whole 'locked lips' hand movement thing.

"Your secret is safe with me." She says with a grin.

We sit there not saying anything then she says, "Aaron... You can really sing you shouldn't-"

"Do you wanna go to dinner with me?" I ask.

She looks at me for a good bit, then she shrugs.

"What the hell? Why not?" She says.

She sits next to me and puts her head on my shoulder but I shrug her off.

"So Aaron, how long have you liked me?" She says with a grin from ear to ear.

"I don't. You're pushy and annoying." I mumble.

She nods, "Sure. Whatever. Aaron, I know you. You're pushing me away which I respect because your parents died." She says.

She doesn't know about my brother nor my sister... Good.

"No I just don't really... Care about you." I say.

"Whatever. Nat and I are going. What time are you picking me up tomorrow?" She asks.

"Tomorrow?" I ask.

"Yeah today, what other day?" She asked smiling.

I roll my eyes.

"7." I say.

"Okay." She responds.

Right before she walks out she stops at the door, "Aaron...?"

I roll my eyes. What more does she possibly have to say?

"Yeah?" I respond.

"Are you ever going back to school?" She asks.

I nod.

"If I don't go back on my own Natalie will drag me there." She smiles.

"Okay." She says.

Then she walks out.

I bury my face into my pillow.

Natalie opens the door.

"I knew I shouldn't have left you two alone. I knew you were going to use your hotness to get out of the lecture." She says.

I take the pillow off my face and I smirk.

"So, I'm hot?" I ask.

She blushes.

"W-Well I don't think so. B-But all the other girls in school think so! I think you're just a jerk." She stutters out.

"Yeah. Sure." I say.

"What? You think I have the hots for you don't you?!" She says.

"Face it babe everyone does." I mumble.

"Don't call me babe!" She says.

"You get irritated too easy." I mumble.

She groans and storms out... Only supporting my point.

The next morning I sit on my couch looking through job ads.

I recently lost my job and I gotta have some way to keep this house. I don't want to move.

I hear a knock on my door.

I ignore it not wanting to talk to anyone.

The door opens.

I look up, Natalie...

"What?" I ask.

"Aaron we have school-"

"I'm trying to get a job so I don't want to be interrupted. Let me be. Let me stay home. I just want to keep this house so I don't go homeless." I say.

She nods.

"If you let me finish," she sits down next to me, "I would've said, Aaron, we have school, but Alex and I are playing hooky. Brianna is too much of a puss to skip but, you being... You, you're willing to skip. Alex and I don't know quite what to do, will you come hang with us?" She asks.

"I would," I start, "But as I already said I need a job so I don't loose my house, I'm probably gonna sell my car already." I mumble.

Alex peers in though the door.

"Is Aaron coming or not?" She asks.

"No, he's being a total bummer." Natalie mumbles.

"Look who's talking..." I say.

"Aaron don't take your anger out on me because you're uptight." She says.

I stand up, "You're calling me uptight?" I ask.

She nods.

"When's the last time you had a drink?" I ask.

She reddens a bit.

"Why does that-"

"So never, okay. Here's an easier one, when is the last time you had sex? Or more importantly have you ever had sex? Or even gotten to the bedroom?" I ask.

Her face reddens even more.

"It's n-not lady like to answer those kinda questions..." She stutters out.

"It's not lady like to even do that shit." I say.

Her face stays red.

I turn around figuring the conversation is over when I hear, "The last time I had a drink was last weekend. And th-three guys." She closes her eyes tight.

I look at her and chuckle.

"Fine," her eyes lighten up like lights in a Christmas tree, "I'll go." She smiles.

I see Alex still peering through the doorway smiling.

I walk out of the house.

When Natalie gets into the car Alex pulls me to the side, "You're aware that she's lying right? She's never done any of tha-" I put my index finger to my lips motioning her to be quiet.

"Of course I'm aware of that." I whisper.

"Wait are you just doing this out of that dark thing you call your heart?" Alex says smiling.

"Don't get use to it." I mumble.

I shove her out of my way and I get into the car.

"Where should we go?" Natalie asks.

They both look at me.

I sigh and put my head down.

"Well I usually go to this one place, but you two wouldn't want to go..."

"Sure we would!" Alex says.

I chuckle.

"You two are clueless." I mumble.

Both their cheeks redden when it hits them what I was talking about.

"You don't mean the..." Alex clears her throat, "The strip club?" She asks.

I laugh and their faces get redder.

"I'm just kidding guys, I have a house we can go, but I'm driving." I say.

"No this is my new-" Natalie starts, Alex stops her. She puts her head down, "Fine..." She mumbles.

She pulls over and let's me in the front seat.

I turn around and smirk at the two girls sitting in the back seat.

"Now ladies... Who's ready for a ride?" Then I drove off.

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