Us against the world

Alex Wilton has just moved to a small town called Hathway and she is miserable . But all of changes when she meets Luke Wilde. Luke Wilde is extremely popular but he gives 100% of all his attention to Alex. But there's a catch Luke has a girlfriend name Sarah Karey. They have dated for three years and like each other very much. But the question is; Is Luke getting a little tired of the same old thing?


1. New girl

      I tried to hold back tears knowing that I won't fit in with the others as we entered the tiny town called Hathway. Summer was over and I was starting a new school, my goal was to reinvent myself and not be the shy awkward girl I was at my last school. But before I knew it the first day of school came and that morning went all wrong.  

     I woke up at 5:00 am even though school started at 7:30. I needed this morning to go good. I grabbed my new outfit that I bought only a couple days ago, I put my iPad and folders and notebooks in my new book bag and got ready for school. I went to the bus stop then I remembered that I skipped breakfast, forgot my lunch and missed the bus because I tried to go home and get my lunch bag. So I had to run to school. Not my best morning but I will be okay as long as the rest of the day goes alright. 

     I finally got to school and pick up my schedule. I had English first. So I find the class and just being the awkward girl I am I trip and fall into this really cute boy, Luke Wilde aka popular boy.

"I am so sorry" I said.

"It's fine, are you new?" 

"Oh yea I'm new, I mean my name's not new it's Alex. Alex Wilton"

"Cool I'm Luke Wilde" 

"is this English with Mrs.Tay--- "

    I got interrupted by Sarah ( Luke's girlfriend) 


" Hey babe, who is this?" She said with a a smile while giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek

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