The Amity Initiation *Divergent Comp*

Beatrice Prior, Amity.
I am Amity.
I remind myself.
I am Divergent.
I remind myself.
But I need Amity. I need peace.


2. The Second Test


In the morning when we wake, the boy we had shared a room with is gone, and in his place is a small frightened girl who squeaks that her name is Kaitlin, but I nickname her Mouse which she seems to agree to.

The initiates gather in the great hall again, seven of the initiates have been denied access to Amity already; there are only sixteen of us left.

Our mission today is to resolve a hypothetical conflict in our groups. Our instructors sit with the group as we discuss how we would best handle a factionless man asking for asylum within our compound. We each go round in a circle, each of us having slightly different ideas, but mine seems to astound them.

“I would suggest letting him stay, but in isolation for a week or so until his health and stability was determined before putting him through the same tests that initiates go through” I finish breathless and everyone stares at me, before, one by one agreeing that my plan had the most potential. I beam proudly that my idea is of use to my group and it seems, my faction.

Each group present their plan, only one of them involves turning the man away; all the other groups accept him graciously. The elders seem impressed by our plan, as it involves protection our faction as well as the man. The group that would have turned the factionless away have been packed up and have gone – they are now among the factionless.

As we head back towards our rooms Matt catches up to me smiling, before leading me aside towards a secret garden which is full of sunflowers and other bright and cheerful plants.
“Beatrice” He starts and fiddles with his hands nervously and suddenly, my heart starts beating fast, adrenaline pumping through my veins. He knows I’m Divergent the voice inside my head whispers, but he quickly puts my doubts to ease. “After you get into Amity…would you…you know…consider going out with me?” His smile is brilliant and the feeling in my stomach eases.

“Yeah, I’d like that I answer, before crumbling to the ground like a total idiot. Remembering briefly I had forgotten to eat today.

Consciousness returns when I’m in the Amity hospital, strong arms are carrying my close to a masculine body. “Hey there Beatrice” Matt smiles “I had to carry you here”

I smile, slipping into the cot slowly. “I’m fine” I bat the nurses’ hand away “I just…forgot to eat.” I smile sheepishly accepting some crackers and cheese from Matt.

“You should eat Beatrice!” The nurse sounds appalled at my forgetting to eat, but Matt stays silent, scrutinizing me silently.

I thank her and leave with Matt by my side, heading for my room which I now only share with Morgan – we only had one more test to pass.

“Beatrice” Matthew starts and I turn slightly to look at him “Tomorrow’s test is probably the hardest. I just, wanted you to be prepared” He whispers this looking around to make sure nobody hears. I practically stare mouth agape as he walks away – he had just told me what to expect from the last test, and now I had all night to worry about it.



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