The Amity Initiation *Divergent Comp*

Beatrice Prior, Amity.
I am Amity.
I remind myself.
I am Divergent.
I remind myself.
But I need Amity. I need peace.


3. The Final Test

The morning comes with no news of our test, the other initiates and I gather for lunch, eating quietly, all contemplating what was to come. The instructors entered the room together, silently making their way over to us. Each instructor calls a single student, and leaves the room all together. The rest of us automatically begin question each other on what we believe is happening, after about half an hour of waiting – in which the typical lunch time ends, yet the initiates are told to stay and wait for instructions the instructors return, but none of the initiates are with them. I furrow my brow at Matt at he calls my name, stepping behind him I follow him from the hall down to a more secluded interviewing area. We stop just before entering.

“Beatrice, just remember, you are Amity now, we are peaceful, self-sufficient, and neutral to all situations” This sounds rehearsed and I sneak a look at him to see him staring ahead at nothing. “Just remember what you are”

I am Amity.

I remind myself.

I am Divergent.

I remind myself as I step into the room that ironically reminds me of my aptitude test. Kimberley stood behind the chair and motioned for me to sit, which I did politely, waiting in silence as she poured us both a cup of teas.

“Beatrice Prior, Abnegation.” She starts and I feel the need to object.

“No Ma’am, I am Beatrice Prior, Amity” I say, and she smiles broadly.

“Indeed you are Beatrice Prior” She takes a sip of her tea and I do the same, a feeling of complete peace fills me. “Why did you choose Amity?” She asks and I feel the need to tell the truth.

“I needed more in my life, I needed peace, I needed to be safe. I needed Amity” I finish and my cheeks feel flustered at the confession.

“Beatrice Prior” Kimberley’s voice breaks the silence. “Welcome to Amity”

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