Love is a Strong Word

This is sort of a love story because I try to put love in all my other stories and I have a feeling it annoys most people. Anyway... I am Charlotte, most of the boys at school think I am hot. They like to wolf whistle and ask me out. I don't like any of them and they don't like me, they just want my looks.
I am Teagan, my best friend is Charlie (Charlotte). We hang out a lot, just me and Charlie except when she tries to bring Owen along I want to barf.
I am Owen. Plain old Owen.


8. Owen P.O.V.

I called Teagan about an hour later. I was desperate...  I knew she had told Charlie so I decided it was just best to hang out with them and get to know Charlie, I mean it was to late to hide and pretend she was just another girl. I knew she wasn't just another girl. She made my heart beat a million miles an hour. My palms got sweaty. I felt like crying. I can't believe I talked to her and Teagan I barely talked to Austin and Matt!

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