Love is a Strong Word

This is sort of a love story because I try to put love in all my other stories and I have a feeling it annoys most people. Anyway... I am Charlotte, most of the boys at school think I am hot. They like to wolf whistle and ask me out. I don't like any of them and they don't like me, they just want my looks.
I am Teagan, my best friend is Charlie (Charlotte). We hang out a lot, just me and Charlie except when she tries to bring Owen along I want to barf.
I am Owen. Plain old Owen.


6. Owen P.O.V.

"What's wrong Charlie?" Teagan says.

"This isn't Charlie..." I say really awkwardly in my shy voice.

"Oh... Hello?" She says.

"Umm..." I am standing in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I wanted to know how I looked, did I look good? Would she like me?

"Who is this!" Teagan yell-said.

"Oh yeah, this is Owen." I said quickly.

"Owen?" She questioned, "From English, dude I talked to you for 20 minutes in English... BECAUSE I HAD TO, we are not best friends now! How do you even have my number!"

"Austin, and I know I just can't get Charlie out of my head." I heard her snort on the other end.

"Everyone is 'In Love' with Charlie, okay, so get over it. And how does Austin have my number!" She raised her voice. I looked at the phone in disbelief.

"Does it really matter! Teagan! What do I do?" I didn't get a response. "Teagan!"

"IDK? You should call Charlie." She said sarcastically. Like that'd work. "I will put in good word for you though." That remark was even more sarcastic the the first one.

"Okay, really! What do I do?" I asked desperately.

"Just talk to her and get to know her... You think I have ever had a boyfriend before! Have you see me?" She said, I always thought she was pretty so who knows what she was talking about.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically but I am not very fluent in sarcasm so it probably sounded sincere.

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