Love is a Strong Word

This is sort of a love story because I try to put love in all my other stories and I have a feeling it annoys most people. Anyway... I am Charlotte, most of the boys at school think I am hot. They like to wolf whistle and ask me out. I don't like any of them and they don't like me, they just want my looks.
I am Teagan, my best friend is Charlie (Charlotte). We hang out a lot, just me and Charlie except when she tries to bring Owen along I want to barf.
I am Owen. Plain old Owen.


9. Charlie P.O.V.

Me and Teagan walked to school together. I listen to her talk excitedly about her fictional boyfriends. "Neville and me are meant to be. Seriously, Charles! I was freaking out." I rolled my eyes.

"Teagen... Have you ever liked a real guy?" The words slipped out of my mouth before I could even think about them. Not that I needed to think.

"Well yeah! Brandon, Conner..." She said thinking about all the crushes she had ever mentioned to me.

"I mean like, so much you felt like crying when you see them."

"No, you?"

"Yes." I said thinking of Owen. I didn't even know him.


We finally reached school. I was not ready for school. All the girls envied me. All the boys loved me. I didn't want them, I wanted Owen. Woah Charles, you've spoke to him... What once? You cannot be in love. It's the looks. I wanted to scream but when I walked by him in the hall I relaxed.

"Hey Charlie." He said waving as he walked by. I waved back and smiled. I couldn't wait til 6th period. Then we had the same class.

The morning went by in a blur. Stupid math equation, useless English skills. Before I knew it, it was lunch. Me and Teagan sat at our usual table. I pulled out a peanut butter sandwitch, devouring it in a matter of seconds. I felt someone poke my back and turned around to see Owen about to sit down next to me.

"Hello Teagan, Charlie." He said. I had to give him credit, no other boys have ever done that before. "What's new with life?" I melted at his voice. Wait, back up Charlie! I need to get my thoughts back together.

"Well," Teagan started. "Percy and Annabeth just kissed. It was so romantic. They cabins threw them into the lake and the kissed under water in a bubble Percy made them." She said. She'd read that book about a thousand times. Owen had obviously not read it once.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"It's a book. Percy Jackson." I told him and he nodded. "So where are your friends?" I asked.

"Austin is in Lunch DT and Matt's flirting with some girls." So like you... I wanted to add but I kept my mouth shut.

"Ready to go?" Teagan looked at me. We both ate really fast normally so we were both done. I nodded. Teagan got up to leave but Owen stopped me.

"Can I have a moment?" He asked Teagan. I was hoping she would say no. I was scared out of mind of what he might say.

She nodded of course.

After she had turned the corner Owen started to talk. "Charlie, I really like you." He said it so fast I could barely spread the words apart. "Will you go out with me?" My stomachs jumped and I felt like I had just been shot to the moon.

"Y-y-yes!" I stuttered out. He smiled and my heart skipped a beat.

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