Love is a Strong Word

This is sort of a love story because I try to put love in all my other stories and I have a feeling it annoys most people. Anyway... I am Charlotte, most of the boys at school think I am hot. They like to wolf whistle and ask me out. I don't like any of them and they don't like me, they just want my looks.
I am Teagan, my best friend is Charlie (Charlotte). We hang out a lot, just me and Charlie except when she tries to bring Owen along I want to barf.
I am Owen. Plain old Owen.


2. Charlie P.O.V.

"I brought you an apple, Mrs. DeCook." I say in a sweet innocent voice. She smiles at me. She looks beautiful when she smiles, it makes her look younger and it complements her eyes. I was a naturally pretty person but I hated it. I would always be wolf-whistled at or asked out. I try to ignore it because they just thought I was pretty. They really should be whistling at Teagan. She is beautiful.

My hair is brown but really long. My face is narrow but perfect shaped at the same time. I always hated it. I have my fathers eyes, green-blue. My dad had passed away when I was young, I treasured the color of my eyes.

"This is the most delicious apple I have ever had!" She exclaimed. I smiled, pleasing people brings me pleasure. I sat down in my desk trying to ignore the kid behind me making inappropriate comments. I turned around after a while.

"Will you stop!" He closed his mouth in a moment. I had power over others sometimes. *evil laugh* Honestly, I wish I went to a girls only school. I hate boys sometimes.

I wondered how Teagan was doing. Her mom always hoped I would rub off on her with things related to school but I tried not to. Mainly because she despised her mom and so did I. Her mom was very bad at judging people. She was stereotypical and it hurt Teagan. She was often compared to me. Teagan was pretty bad in school. I tried to help her but she knew what she wanted to do with her life and I was okay with that I guess.

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