Boxing Babe 16+

Angie is the most popular girl at school but now she is going to college, everyone thinks they know her like the back of their hand but they don't because she has way too many secrets that she hopes no one will ever find out. But her biggest secret isn't a secret to everyone. Will she be able to hide her past and present self??!! "Ang""Ang wake up!!" Nelly yelled "IT"S THE FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE and I woke you up early so you could do your boxing stuff!"


3. New Friends

"Heyyyyy!!!! Laila!!!! Over here!!!!!!" I yelled
"OMG Angie is that you!!!??" Laila yelled
"Yea It's me, Laila" I laughed
"You look so different" she half-shouted
"In a good or a bad way?" I asked nervously
"In a good way duhhh!!" she said
"Ok" I said with a sigh of relief
"Oh how rude of me" she said "Angie,Luke,Luke,Angie, Angie Luke is my boyfriend, and Luke Angie is my Best Friend" she said it kinda confused me but I think I understand. Laila and Luke are really cute together.Before I realized it I was stuck in another daydream! I get those a lot but now I need to wake up from this daydream....I can't......"Ouch what was that for?" I asked holding onto my cheek
"You were daydreaming again babe........." Austin said
"Doesn't give you any right to slap me!!!!" I yelled
"I'm sorry" he said
"No sorry nothing I'm breaking up with you!!" I yelled as I ran out of the building. I sat on a bench and cried and cried and cried I practically cried my eyes out until........................ A curly headed boy walked up and sat down next to me........
"W-what d-do y-you w-want?" I asked
"I would like to know why you are crying dollface" he said in a very sexy british accent almost like Luke's australian accent.
"why, why would you care why would anyone care?!" I yelled
"Cause I believe I know you.." he began
"Not possible...." I began and looked up OHMAHGAWD ........................

BTW Becky G=Laila
Luke=Luke Hemmings 

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