Boxing Babe 16+

Angie is the most popular girl at school but now she is going to college, everyone thinks they know her like the back of their hand but they don't because she has way too many secrets that she hopes no one will ever find out. But her biggest secret isn't a secret to everyone. Will she be able to hide her past and present self??!! "Ang""Ang wake up!!" Nelly yelled "IT"S THE FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE and I woke you up early so you could do your boxing stuff!"


4. Is It Really You?

"Ha-Harry" I stuttered
"Yeah, It's me...what are you doing here this is the last place I thought you'd be" he smiled
"Oh yeah College I always said I would skip that...."I laughed
"But here you are" he smiled 
Angie's Thoughts:
"God that smile though those perfect cheeks those sexy dimples damn it..... stop thinking like this he's your best friend ugh gawd I don't like that word.......I mean I did have feelings for him when we were in elementary school and now I'm feeling those butterflies all over again.......geez!!!"
End of Angie's thoughts
"Angie....are you okay?" he asked softly
"Yeah Harry, just a bad break-up" I cried
"Aww well then his loss cause anyone would be damn lucky to date a beautiful girl like you.." he said
"Aww Hazza do you really mean that??" I asked
"Yes I do" he laughed
"So after you leaving for X-Factor I have had no-one to box with except for during the tournament" I laughed
"Ooh you wanna go for another round do you love?" he asked
"I would love to" I smiled
"Meet me where we usually met up at 5:30"Harry said and walked away
"Wait....." I yelled "At least give me your number" I smiled, and he took my phone and put in his number.
"Come on Styles stop being so slow I've got places to go things to do" I grunted
"Oh so you want me to go faster" he said pervertedly
"Jeez still the same perverted guy I know" I chuckled
"Baby you know you like me better that way" he smirked
"" I laughed
"Whatever see you at 5" he smiled
"Ok Bye!" I yelled

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