Boxing Babe 16+

Angie is the most popular girl at school but now she is going to college, everyone thinks they know her like the back of their hand but they don't because she has way too many secrets that she hopes no one will ever find out. But her biggest secret isn't a secret to everyone. Will she be able to hide her past and present self??!! "Ang""Ang wake up!!" Nelly yelled "IT"S THE FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE and I woke you up early so you could do your boxing stuff!"


5. Boxing

I got a call ohmahgawd jeez it's from "Sexy_Styles:*" seriously I'm reconsidering my choice of friends.
H=Harry A=Angie
A: Hi Hazza!
H: Hi Ang!
A: ready to box?
H: Hell yea!!!
A: see ya there BB
H:Alright love!

I got ready and went to the gym....
"Harrehhhh!!" I yelled and hugged him
"Angggggeehhh" he laughed
"Let's get started" I laughed
*2 hours later*
"Wanna grab a bite?" I asked
"Yea" he replied
"Lemme get cleaned up first" I laughed
"I don't think so" he said grabbing my waist
"Harrehhhh come on I'm really sweaty" I pouted
"Angie..." he whispered making the hairs on the back of my neck stand "I want you and I know you want me too"
"And how exactly would you know that?" I asked
"Ang I wasn't born yesterday... the way you look at me I know" he whispered "Let's get outta here"
"Harry I do.. I do want you... but I don't want to ruin our friendship" I sighed
"I understand that but who said we have to be in a relationship why can't we just be friends with benefits?"
"Alright" I sighed I wanted him so bad

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