Kevin, The Boy Who Loved Me

Kevin was the well known boy at school. He was popular, handsome, athletic, and well known behind closed doors and in almost every girl's bed. He was every girl's dream. Except Natalie's. Natalie is a foster child and has been all her life. Moving from foster home to house to foster home to foster home, Natalie stopped loving people. Maybe even herself. In the begining Natalie wants nothing to do with anyone, especially someone like Kevin. While the only thing Natalie was in Kevin's eyes was the next girl he'd have in his bed.


5. You Mad Or Nah?

(Natalie's P.O.V.)

"Oh my goodness! Natalie." Heavenly screeches as she punches me in the arm.

"Um ow!" I yell

"Sorry, but a cute ass boy just arrived on our bus and he's walking strait towards us, so sorry not sorry." She says

The boy is walking strait towards us just as Heavenly said.

"I guess he's kinda cute, but you can have him." I say jokingly to Heavenly

She smiles at me then continues gazing into his eyes.

"Hey, is this seat taken?" He says staring into my eyes with his rather gorgeous green ones.

I sit there stunned, wondering why he didn't ask this to Heavenly, I mean she's so much more beautiful than me in my opinion. But maybe he didn't want to go to jail for a age difference because Heavenly did have a baby face still. But it was cute.

"N-no this, this seat is-"

"It's ok she doesn't know anybody so that seat wouldn't be taken. Go ahead, you can sit." Heavenly says for me and smiles.

"Well thank you." He says thankfully smiling into Heavenly's big baby blue eyes. "My names Kevin by the way. What's yours cutie?" He says siting legs spread to the left of me talking to Heavenly with a smile on his cute face I'd assume.

"Me, my name is Heavenly, and that's my 'sister' Natalie." She says cheerfully in her usual bubbly tone of voice with that big, fat smile that never seamed to disappear from her peachy, olive skin.

Kevin gives Heavenly a smile and a wink before turning to face me.

"So, Natalie is it?" He says already knowing my answer.

"Yeah" I say quietly

"I like that name. So I see your new here."

"It's really that obvious?" I ask

"Yeah kinda" he says

"Well please tell what made it ever so obvious."

"Well other than your sister saying you didn't know anyone. And I'd think id remember your beautiful face." He says smirking. "Most girls know who I am and judging from that, they wouldn't of hesitated to let me sit next to them." He finishes.

"Oh, and why is that, do you have every girl wrapped around your finger waiting to get a piece?" I say smugly.

"Yeah." He chuckles. "Waiting to get a piece of this dick."

"Oh, so that's what your known for around here."

He smiles at me. Some more people arrive and board the bus. One girl with long, straight brown hair gets on the bus, wearing a dark red t-shirt and light jeans and I can't see over the seat what type of shoes, but I assume they're converses. She looks straight back at me and Kevin and gives him one of the dirtiest looks I've ever seen then sits I the back near us but still kinda in the middle of the bus on the right side, where Heavenly is sitting.

"So what school did you go to before this?" Kevin asks me ignoring the girl's dirty looks

"Well me and my 'sister' were homeschooled."

"Oh I see." He smiles at me.

I smile back. Heavenly has been eyeballing the girl giving me and Kevin dirty looks and it seems she's ready to snap. She's mumbling to herself but I can't seem to understand what. The girl with the brown hair looks back at me and Kevin yet again with another dirty look. Heavenly snaps.

Excuse me BITCH! Can we help you? What are you trying to see here?" Heavenly yells.

The girl snaps her head in our direction.

"Don't mind her Heavenly, she's just but hurt cuz some people don't agree with everything she says." Kevin says chuckling not even acknowledging the girl.

"I'm not butt hurt Kevin!" She snaps back.

"Then what are you Nancy? A slut maybe? A whore maybe?"

"Yeah Kevin, I'm sure, since it's coming from the boy who raped his best friend!"

"Oh Nancy stop, that's why you liked it. Matter fact you were the one who came onto me for a second time

"Oh Nancy stop, that's why you liked it and you were the one that came onto me for a second time. Shit! My dick was so good it had bitches coming back for more and spilling their feelings about loving me."

"Stop!" I yell

Nancy turns back about to cry. I will never understand why boys put girls on the spot when it comes to sex. Three girls and three boys arrive on the bus. The boys immediately rush to the back with their hands out to Kevin hollering. They give dap and sit around us.

"Hey Nancy." One of them says to her.

Nancy gets up and moves to the front with the girls.

"What the fuck is clogging her pussy?" The boy asks

"My dick." Kevin says

"You and Nancy smashed!!"

"Yeah. She couldn't resist this dick. You shoulda heard the way she was moaning tho David."

"Zayyyyyam!" David says

I push Kevin out of the way.

"You all are assholes!" I yell.

Everyone stares in shock.

"You gonna just let her get away Kevin? Go bag that!" David says

"Shut up David." Kevin says calmly

"Shit if you won't then I will then I will."David says standing up

"Sit down David."

"Oh I see how it is Kevin, you want that putty that's why." David says with a cocky attitude.

"David are you mad or nah?"

David sucks his teeth and sits down.

"Shut up Kevin with your dirty ass!"

"Listen David, you don't wanna loose me as a friend for a thot like Nancy. You won't get any pussy but hers, and trust me it was good but not that good.

"You guys are fucking pigs!" Heavenly I hear Heavenly say as she's getting up to get off the bus.

David smirks and chuckles as the bus finally arrives at school. Nancy and two of her friends get off the bus. Her other friends walks up to me.

"Don't mind Kevin and David they're just assholes with their heads stuck in the wrong places. My name's Alex by the way." She says.

"Well, thanks. I'm Natalie."

She smiles in my face then gets off the bus. David wraps his arm around my throat violently, as if he were trying to snap my neck or strangle me.

"Ow!" I say, trying to move his muscular arms but I'm just to weak.

Kevin comes over and puts his hand on David's shoulder.

"David." Kevin says to David with a grin.

David takes his arm off my shoulder and apologizes. I scoff and go into school.

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