Kevin, The Boy Who Loved Me

Kevin was the well known boy at school. He was popular, handsome, athletic, and well known behind closed doors and in almost every girl's bed. He was every girl's dream. Except Natalie's. Natalie is a foster child and has been all her life. Moving from foster home to house to foster home to foster home, Natalie stopped loving people. Maybe even herself. In the begining Natalie wants nothing to do with anyone, especially someone like Kevin. While the only thing Natalie was in Kevin's eyes was the next girl he'd have in his bed.


1. Nancy The Freak

(Kevin's P.O.V.)

"Wakey wakey!"

A voice says unfamiliar to me. I rub my eyes and groan. All I see is Nancy Thomas laying next to me in her green and black polka dot bra and panties. I feel her small, soft hands stroking my abs and her walking her fingers up and down them. I can feel her heartbeat on my side. It's so peaceful. I kiss her on her forehead.

"So what exactly happened last night?"

"You mean you don't remember what happened?" She asks

"We'll not really. I have a pounding headache."

"We'll you called me at around 6:30 or 7:00 last night and invited me over to watch a movie."

"Well how come your laying here half naked, and all snuggled up to me, if we were watching a 'movie'."

"We'll the movie was gross and fucking weird!"

"What was the movie?"

"Oh my god, you made me watch porn!" She says disgusted.

"Oh. Well shit must've happened after that then."

"Yeah, shit did happen after that."

Nancy stops and sits on the edge of my bed. She sinks her face into her palms and her long brown hair falls covering some of her face. I sit up and place my hand on her shoulder.

"Nancy, what happened after that?"

She turns around and looks at me with her hazel puppy dog eyes.

"You kept touching me. Then you kissed me. And you unzipped your pants and took them off. Then....then you shoved you dick down my throat, and told me to suck."she says quietly


She ignores me and continues telling me what I did to her.

"You took it out and I couldn't breath. The you picked me up and laid me on the bed. You took of my clothes as I laid there crying. You put on a condom and shoved your dick back inside of me. I was crying and screaming in pain, but I liked it. You kept on thrusting back and forth, each time harder than the first. I sat there feeling violated by you. All I wanted was to watch a movie, but instead I got fucked by my best Kevin."

I slide back horrified at what I had done to my best friend. I hug her tight, feeling her tears trickle down my chest. I kiss her forehead repetitively as tears begin to fill my eyes.

"I'm dirty aren't I?" She asks

"What, no ,no Nancy your not."

"I'm a whore. Who the fuck sleeps with their best friend and likes it?" She says hysterically through her cries.

"Nancy STOP! I told you it's not your fault it's mine!"

I hug her tighter. I feel so ashamed of what I have done. I'm a monster. I let go of Nancy and sit up on the opposite side of the bed. Nancy grabs my arm and looks deep into my eyes. She pulls my lips to her's and kisses me. She pushes me down onto my back and I lay there stunned and helpless on the moment. She climbs on top of me and kisses me again. Then she slides down my body like a snake and pulls off my boxers with her teeth as she slides down my body. Nancy gets up and goes to my bathroom and comes back with my bag of condoms.

"Hmm, which one should I pick? Chocolate, strawberry, bare-skin, ecstasy, his and hers,there's just so many to choose from."

She places the bag on the bed and sits only chest. I can feel he getting wet and it turns me on. She sees I'm turned on and grabs a condom out of the bag.

"Looks like its gonna be a chocolate."

She opens checks to see if the condom is still good and then opens it and puts it on me. She takes of her panties and climbs on my dick and starts moving. I'm fucking my best friend again. I don't know if I should enjoy it or not. Nancy starts swinging her hair around as she rides me. She starts moaning louder with each movement. She gets off and whispers in my ear.

"It's ok Kevin, you can enjoy it. I want you to... I want you to fuck me."

She rolls off of me and un-straps her bra. Her boobs just drop out effortlessly. She is so sexy. I roll over on top of her and put my dick inside her. She bites her lip and moans a little. I'm scared for the first time, to have sex. I thrust my way in her harder each time. She moans louder. I'm gonna nut. I'm gonna nut in my best friend. I pull out. My heart is racing. I look down at myself and can't believe I had on a condom. My heart calms down in relief and I go back in. Before I finish she tells me to take it out. I sit there confused as to why she'd ask me to pull out so bad. She wanted me so bad now she has me, what the fuck.

"Take it out Kevin!" She screams

So I do I pull out. Her pussy is throbbing and cum is dripping out everywhere. I get off the bed and throw away my condom. I come back and she her sitting up on the bed. I walk over to her and push her down and kiss her. I push back and see that she's still turned on. I go down on her and stick my two fingers in her and thrust them in and out. She clenches her legs tight. I take my fingers out and replace them with my tongue. I move my tongue around in circles and up and down on her clit. She starts moaning louder and louder as my tongue moves faster. She lets out a huge scream and hits her orgasm. Her pussy shoots cum all over my face. She pulls me up close to her so we're chest to chest and we kiss shoving our tongues down each others throats. We lay there, heavily breathing as we drift to sleep in each others arms.

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