Kevin, The Boy Who Loved Me

Kevin was the well known boy at school. He was popular, handsome, athletic, and well known behind closed doors and in almost every girl's bed. He was every girl's dream. Except Natalie's. Natalie is a foster child and has been all her life. Moving from foster home to house to foster home to foster home, Natalie stopped loving people. Maybe even herself. In the begining Natalie wants nothing to do with anyone, especially someone like Kevin. While the only thing Natalie was in Kevin's eyes was the next girl he'd have in his bed.


2. I Don't Love You

(Kevin's P.O.V.)

Beep, beep, beep!

I jump up with my heart racing at the sound. Smoke fills the air and my lungs. I can't breath and start coughing uncontrollably. I look to my left and Nancy's not there. It's my smoke detecter, something is burning. I hear Nancy in the kitchen screaming. I jump out of my bed and run to her. She's already dressed. Her hair is in a fishtail braid and her makeup is done. She's wearing a floral print dress. She always looks beautiful.

"What the fuck happened in here!?"

"I woke up before you and I didn't want to disturb you, so I decided to surprise with breakfast and I left it for no more than a minute and then it catches on fire, the smoke detecter goes off, and you wake up ruining the surprise." She says hysterically.

"It was ruined way before I woke up."

She pouts and walks out of the kitchen and sits at the dinning room table to pout. I turn off the stove and throw away what looks like burned pancakes. I walk over to Nancy and put my hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks for the attempt."

She picks up her face and fingers back her hair and smirks.

"I can cook." She says

"Oh really, you call that cooking."

She laughs and playfully punches me in the shoulder.

"I can though, there was just something wrong with your stove."

"Whatever you say Nancy."

We both laugh.

"Do you just wanna go out to eat somewhere instead." She asks.

"Sure, where do you want to go?"

"We could go get some Starbucks." She suggests

"Starbucks it is then!"

We get up from the table. I take a shower and freshen up while she gathers all her things in her backpack.

"Have you seen my Sperrys?"

"No." She calls back to me.

"Never mind I have them."

"Are you ready?" She asks impatiently

"Yeah just meet me outside."

Nancy grabs her bag and leaves. I put on my Sperrys and grab my sweater. I'm wearing a white t-shirt with my hair combed up in the front (almost like Justin Bieber) with jeans. I lock the door and meet Nancy outside. She's sitting down on the tan bench in the front just watching the activity of others. I tap her shoulder.

"You ready?"

"Yeah." She says in a cheerful tone.

And we walk down the street to Starbucks. When we arrive, Nancy orders her favorite, the 'Red Tux Mocha' and I order the 'Captain Crunch'. We get our drinks and sit on a bench outside and drink half of our drinks. We drink the rest on the way back. We decide to go to the park. It's deserted, nobody is here. Nancy pulls my to go sit on the swings with her.

"Can I say something Kevin?" She says shyly while rubbing her arm.

"Of course."

She pushes back a loose strand of hair blowing in the wind behind her ear and says it.

"Kevin...I love you!" She says sounding embarrassed.

What the fuck! She has to be kidding! We sit in silence. How am I gonna respond to that she's my best friend, now kinda with benefits. Nancy gets up and starts to walk away. Shit I have to say something.

" Nancy, wait."

She stops and faces me not saying anything, with her arms crossed and strands of her brown hair blowing in the wind.

"I..I don't love you Nancy. It's nothing against you it's just that, I don't wanna ruin our relationship as best friends by breaking your heart." I grab her small hand and gaze into her beautiful hazel eyes. "I love the relationship we have, I cherish it. I really do. And I don't wanna loose you over three words. Nancy I'm sorry...."

She rips her hand out of mine as her as begin to water. She's heartbroken and this time it's because of me. She walks aways in tears. And now I realize.....I just lost my best friend.

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