Kevin, The Boy Who Loved Me

Kevin was the well known boy at school. He was popular, handsome, athletic, and well known behind closed doors and in almost every girl's bed. He was every girl's dream. Except Natalie's. Natalie is a foster child and has been all her life. Moving from foster home to house to foster home to foster home, Natalie stopped loving people. Maybe even herself. In the begining Natalie wants nothing to do with anyone, especially someone like Kevin. While the only thing Natalie was in Kevin's eyes was the next girl he'd have in his bed.


6. Armani

(Heavenly's P.O.V.)

I pull out my freshmen schedule from my floral print canvas bag, after getting off the bus.

"Room 175, Ms.Smith." I take a deep breath, with my schedule still in my petite tan hands.

I begin walking, searching for room 175. In the middle of my search two big, freezing hands blind me by coverings eyes.

"Guess who." A deep voice says.

"Let go of my face, you fuck!" I yell

They remove their freezing hands from my eyes. They stand in front of me with a smirk on their face. It was that asshole David, from the bus.

"Ugh, it's you." I scoff rolling my eyes

"Hey, why aren't you happy to see me angel?" He asks wrapping his muscular arm around my neck violently.

"Ow!" I said as I felt him practically break something in my neck. "Don't fucking touch me!" I say trying to prevent any further injuries, by trying to unwrap his white muscular arm.

"Looks like someone needs a little help."

"Yeah, not from you though." I say continuing my search.

"Come on angel, let me see it." He begs putting his left elbow on my right shoulder.

"Don't call me 'angel'." I say shrugging his elbow off of my shoulder.

He violently grabs my shoulder, turning me around. He snatches my schedule out of my little baby hands and begins skimming over my schedule.

"Hmm, room 175. Ms.Smith." He says ending with a chuckle, handing me back my schedule.

"What's so funny?" I ask snatching it back and folding it up and putting it in my butt pocket.

He shakes his head trying to control his urge to laugh.

"Nothing." He finally says. "Here's you class." He says pointing to the class across the hall.

"Thanks." I say sulking my head down in embarrassment while rubbing my arm filled with goosebumps.

"Yeah, see ya around freshman." He calls back to me smiling as he's walking down the hall.

I take a deep breath and pick up my head. I walk across the hall to my new home room, Ms.Smith's class and enter the room. I look around walking in slowly.

"Hi sweetie. I'm Ms.Smith. Just stand in the back." She says in a cheery voice.

She's young. Maybe beginning her thirties sometime soon. She's wearing a white button up blouse and a black skirt with some black heels. Her shiny black hair is tied back almost perfectly in a medium size bun. I like her already. I walk over to the back and stand there. A bunch of boys are whispering and smirking to their friends, while pointing and making eyes at me. Ms.Smith begins calling out names in alphabetical order.

"Jeremiah Alfonso." She starts.

She continues down the list. I feel like I've been standing here forever, then finally she calls my name.

"Heavenly Rodriguez." She smiles at me as I begin walking to take my seat. I place my bag on the back of my chair.

She calls the last name on the list.

"Armani Rodriguez Ortega."she calls returning the clip board to her desk. "You can sit right there honey, behind Ms.Heavenly."

Oh my god he is fine, I say to myself as I look back at him, then turn around as he gets closer.

Ms.Smith passes back our locks and their combinations. I pass the last one back to Armani. He whispers thank you in my ear.

The school day is over after about seven hours later. We didn't do anything really. Walking out of class and getting my stuff out of my new locker. I get a tap on my shoulder and a deep voice fills my ear.

"Hey." The voice says.

"If this is David I swear to go-" I say turning around to see who it is.

I stop and stand there embarrassed. It was Armani.

"Oh, sorry. It's just that I thought you we-"

"It's ok, I understand." He says in his deep voice.

He's just so perfect.

"Thanks for understanding. So what's up." I say throwing my bag over my shoulder and shutting my locker.

"Well you seem like a nice girl and I wanted to know if you wanted to be m-"

"Yes!" I say excited. "I mean, yeah sure I'll be your gir-"

"Wait, wait hold on a second there." He says "I'm not trying to rush anything I just wanted to know if you wanted to be friends." He says.

"Oh, yeah of course that's what you meant." I say trying to seem unaffected as my cheeks redden.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea." He says

"No, no it's fine." I say. "Really."

"Look heavenly, your a cool girl and all it's just...." Armani apologizes, grabbing my small shoulders.

"Armani, it's alright. I understand you don't want a relationship with me, at least not on that level." I sigh.

"We'll, not yet anyways." He smiles his perfect cheeky smile, making me smile and blush as well.

Then this moment is ruined when I hear Natalie calling my name from down the hall.

"Heavenly! Heaven!"

I turn my head and sigh at the sight of her.

"Who's that?" Armani whispers.

"My sister, well my foster sister."

"She was adopted?"

"No, we're both in foster care." I shrug.


"It's alright. It doesn't bother me really."

"Hey," Natalie says, finally getting to my locker. "Who's this?"

"Armani. Armani this is my 'sister', Natalie. Natalie this is Armani." I say introducing them to each other.


"Hey." Armani says.

"Was I interrupting something?

"No, even if you were nothing would've happened." I say, fixing my bag.

"Oh, okay. Well it was nice to meet you Armani."

"It was nice to meet you too Natalie. I'll see you tomorrow Heavenly."

"See ya tomorrow." I smile and wave as I walk down the empty hall.

Natalie catches up with me and we walk how together. I go toy room and blast my music through my headphones. I let my hair out of the sock bun, as it falls down my back in its long natural waves. I change into some grey sweats and tank top before calling out to Natalie.


"What?" She calls back.

"Can you make me a sandwich?"

I hear Natalie take a deep sigh which makes me laugh.

"Grilled cheese?"


She's so awesome. I've got her wrapped around my finger. I turn on my tv and my phone begins beeping. I grab it and it says I have 4 new friend requests. Kevin, David, Armani and April. April was a girl I met in class and she's pretty cool. She has long brown hair with beautiful blue eyes like mine. I accept all of them but David's.

"Hey,😃" April texts me.

"Hey, what's up?😃"

"Do you wanna hang out?"

"Sure but my sister is making food so I can't leave the house😕"

"That's alright, do ya mind if I come over?"

"No, that's fine."

I message her my address.

"K, I'll be over in like a half hour."


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