Kevin, The Boy Who Loved Me

Kevin was the well known boy at school. He was popular, handsome, athletic, and well known behind closed doors and in almost every girl's bed. He was every girl's dream. Except Natalie's. Natalie is a foster child and has been all her life. Moving from foster home to house to foster home to foster home, Natalie stopped loving people. Maybe even herself. In the begining Natalie wants nothing to do with anyone, especially someone like Kevin. While the only thing Natalie was in Kevin's eyes was the next girl he'd have in his bed.


3. A/N

Author's Note

Summer vacation is over but not issues between friends. Kevin and his boys return to school as juniors, as well as Nancy and her girls. Tensions are still running high between Nancy and Kevin ever since their one night stand and the possible end of their friendship. Nancy and Kevin haven't spoken since. Will they forgive and forget or forget to forgive?

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