Magcon Imagines



4. Taylor Caniff

"Taylor...." You pause."It's not a big deal. All we did was kiss. It's not like it was I liked it or anything. All we were doing was play truth or dare!" You put your hand on his shoulder and he jerks it off, not taking his hands off the steering wheel.

"You need to fix it." He sounded serious. Usually, your humor makes him his normal self again.

"What? Should I..." You try to hold in your laughs. "Stop playing truth or dare?" You start to burst out laughing. He slams his foot on the brakes and your skin and seatbelt rub against each other so fast, that your skin feels like it's burning. Your touch is sensitive to the burn. Your finger is covered in blood.

"TAYLOR! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" You yell at him trying to hold in your tears. The burn hurts from the air coming out of the window.

"Why don't you care?"

"WHAT!?" Your confused. What does he mean 'Why don't you care?'. You look around and Taylor stops in the middle of the intersection where cars drive. You shake Taylor cause he is in a trance. He opens his eyes and says the same thing again.

"Taylor...your crazy. I'm just gonna walk myself home." You turn to the door handle and reach for it. Taylor takes your arm and yanks you away.

"Please...don't go." You can see the hurt in his eyes. You soften up and turn to him.

"What do you want me to do Taylor!? I can't make you happy anymore. It's like we're not even best friends anymore let alone friends." You look down at you lap. You and Taylor have been the best of friends for what seems like forever. Recently, he's been not himself lately and you can't seem to find the reason why.

You ask and he says nothing but his eyes tell a different story. You can see hurt whenever he looks deep into your eyes. Then, it's like all the hurt just disappears and the story is gone. You try to fix whatever's going on with him but he pushes you away.

"I can't help you if I don't know the reason why Jack. Tell me. I can fix it and you can go back to being the loving Taylor."


"Promise." You smile at him.

"It's just that.." He paused and exhaled a long breath. You could see his hot breath turn into most in the cold air. "Y/N, I feel different around you and i don't know why. It's not like it happened over night though. This took time." You look at him for a long time while he looks out of his window.

"Y/N I think I'm in love." You look into his eyes. You could tell he's not lying, this time.

"With who?" He would of told you for sure. You've been the one to hook him up with the girls cause he was too shy.

"With yo-" you raise your hand up quickly for him to stop talking.




"THE TRUCK!" You point and Taylor turns his head. He yells something you can't hear cause of the crashing metal that filled your ears. The car spins around in a circle before stopping.

You look around frantically trying to put the pieces together on what just happened. You see Taylor's head leaning off to the side. There's blood flowing down his forehead in streams. You reach for him but your arm is stuck. You call his name with no response.

"Taylor.....TAYLOR ! WAKE UP! HELP ME PLEASE!"The ambulance sirens become louder and louder as you scream for Taylor to wake up.

"TAYLOR! PLEASE!" You look at the dented car ceiling and close your eyes. Your warm tears go down your cold, blood stained cheeks.

"I need you...I love you Taylor." You let out a whimper. "Please." You whisper. Firefighters take you and Taylor out of the car. He drives off the the hospital and your left there with bandages wrapped around you arm, hand, fingers, leg, and head.

"Officer, can you please drive me to the hospital that boy is going to." He looks at me with a concerned look.

"I'm supposed to be taking you home now. Why?" You explain to him that Taylor is your big brother almost and that he means the world to you.

"Promise me one thing."

"Anything officer." He smiles.

"Please call your parents when you get there. That's your first thing to do." He holds his hand out and opens the door for you. You shale you head yes and his hand. He drives you to the hospital.

"CALL YOUR PARENTS!" He yells as he drives away. He waves his hand out the window. You wave back and run to the phone outside of the hospital doors. You slip a quarter into the machine. Your phone was broken cause of the car accident. You tell your mom what happened and she said she would be on her way. You run into the hospital. You ask the clerk where Taylor is.

"Room 286"

"Thank you thank you." She smiles and you run down the hallway. You walk into the doorway and Taylor has his eyes closed.

"Did I do that?" You run to him and kiss him all over. He flinches a little.


"Did I do that?" He sounded angry.

"No Taylor...the drunk truck driver did it. You could of never done this to me. We love each other like brother and sister."

"I don't." He looks away from you. You almost fall back.

" could you say that to me?"

"I love you more than that. I love you as if I would want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you as if I want to marry you and call you Mrs. Caniff." He paused." I love you Y/N." You limp run to him.

"I love you too Taylor." He moves over and you lay next to him in the hospital. You put you arm under his neck and wrap your other arm around his chest to make you hug not hurtful towards him. He kisses your head.

"Come on Taylor."


"You can do better than that..." You lean up and kiss him on the lips. He doesn't resist but kisses you back. You kiss for a long time and you lay in bed next to him for what feels like an eternity.

~The End

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