Magcon Imagines



7. Nash Grier

Your phone starts to ring. You answer it immediately cause it could be someone important like Nash or your other best friend Natalia. You see it's Nash. You sit down in your computer chair and press answer.


"Hey Y/N, it's Nash."

"Wassup?!" Your so happy to be talking to him. He went to a couple of Magcon events and hasn't seen you in almost 4 months. That is one long time for best friends that have hung out everyday since like 6th grade.

"Nothing much, but I need to tell you something." He didn't sound happy.

"What is it?" Your just hoping he doesn't have to be on this tour thing anymore.

"I'm gonna be on the tour for about another month."

"WHAT?!" Your so mad and upset. You guys were supposed to go tubing with your grandpa next weekend.

"Look, Y/N....I know your upset...I am too. And I know that we were supposed to be going tubing. But hey!" Your trying to hold back your tears.

"What is it?" You say quietly.

"Don't cry Y/N. All you need to do is hang up and then turn around in 3 seconds. I'm gonna count down to 3. Ready?"


"Close your eyes."



"1" You hung up and turn around in your chair with your eyes still closed. You counted in your head to the number 3.




You slowly open your eyes. You see a happy and smiling Nash staring right into your eyes. You can feel the tears ready to escape your eyes. You put your hands over your face and let out a little whimper. He held his arms up and you slowly stood up. You didn't run or jog over to him. You slowly walked over to him.He pulled you into a big hug. You cried into his chest as he plays with your hair.

"Oh my gosh...." You whisper over and over again.

"Didn't expect this did you?" He laughs.

"No....." You look up at him and immediately kiss him. At first, you could tell he was a bit surprised but he didn't stop. You guys broke away for a breath.

"I missed you." You say in his hug still.

"I missed you to Y/N."

~The End

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