Magcon Imagines



2. Matt Espinosa

You and Matt want to spend the day at Busch Gardens. You both love the amusement park and want to go onto all the roller coasters. You see the ride that takes you up to the top and drops you quickly to the bottom. Matt points at it and jumps like a little kid.

"Can we go on that one?" He asks like a little boy.

"Are you crazy!?" You laugh. "You know I don't like heights." He looks at you with puppy dog eyes. Those are hard to say no to those eyes.

"But I want to." He grabs your hands and pulls you into a long line. He starts to smile really big. You can tell that he has something up his sleeve.

"What are we doing in this line? I wanted to go on a roller coaster or the log ride." You give him puppy eyes.

"Well I wanted to do this before we do all those cool stuff."

"Okay fine." You jokingly roll your eyes at him. He laughs and jumps up and down.

"Can you tell me what it is?"


"Can I guess what it is?"

"Okay fine." He giggles. "Try." You laughed.

"Okay...are we on a ride that goes in the sky?"


"Is it cool?"

"YES!" He screamed and everyone looked at you guys like you were crazy. You gave them the face back.

" it a ride that we would both love to ride."

"I think you'll like it." He winks at you. You know exactly what ride it is.

"Matt....why did you wink at me." Then the man yelled for you guys to move along and you were next to go this ride of pure horror and death.

"Matt, I told you I didn't want to go on this ride."

You guys walk up to the ride and sit next to each other on the seats.

"Trust me you'll like it."

"Can I not trust you?" He looks at you sad cause you doubt him.

"I just don't want to go on this ride." You guys start to go up.

"Matt..I'm starting to get dizzy. GET ME OFF THIS RIDE!" You scream. You are really afraid of heights. He puts his hand on yours.

"I'm right here next to you. Why would I let anything bad happen to you?"


"Look Y/N, I won't let anything happen to you on this ride. I-"

You guys shot down and you scream at the top of your lungs and so does Matt. He sounds like a girl. When you guys get back to earth and are no long in the air, the seats jerk up and you run out of the seat. Matt follows you. Matt expects you to be crying but instead your laughing. Laughing harder than he's probably ever seen.

"Why did you run?" He put his arms around your waist.

"Cause that was funny!" You smile at him and he looks confused.

"What was funny?" You start to laugh again.

"Your girly scream." He smirks.

"You thought that was funny?"

"Probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen."

"Oh really?" You smirk.

"Really." You inch closer to his face.

"Told you you could trust me."

"Oh really?" He bites his lip and you think it is one of the hottest things ever. He knows that's your weakness but your not falling so easily.

"Really." He says 'really' low cause he knows that's part of your weakness. What can you say! He's everything all in one! He inches closer to your face. You guys are almost centimeters apart.

"Now what was that last part up there." You turn and point to the top.

"I think you know what it is." He bites his lip again.

"I don't think I do."

"Here...this will help you." He puts his finger under your chin and lifts your head up and closer to his. He kisses you but you don't regret it. You love it. You guys break away from the kiss and you bite your lip.

The park announces it's 5 minute time till closing time. Matt puts his arm around your shoulder and you grab his hand.

"Love you too." You kiss him on the cheek.

~The End

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