Magcon Imagines



1. Jack Johnson

"Why are you leaving!?" You yell at jack and throw your shoe at him.

"I have to." He zips up his suitcase. He picks it up off the bed and turns to look at you.

"I don't want you to go though. I'll miss you. There are thousands of girls your gonna meet and they'll be prettier than I am and you'll dump me for them." You slide down against the wall and put your face in your knees. Just the thought of him leaving is the worst. He always leaves and you always feel he'll leave you for a new and prettier girl.

He drops his suitcase onto the floor with a loud thud. He walks over to you and you scoot over away from him when he sits. Your done with him leaving. You want him to stay and be with you. He takes off his sweater that his first and last name on the back. He puts it on your head and giggles.

"I'm not laughing." You kept your head in your knees to show him your really serious. He moves closer to you and you keep scooting away from him. Soon, your against a wall and he starts scooting next to you. He puts the sweater on your head again. He starts to giggle again.

You finally look up and he's inches from your face. He immediately kisses you on the lips with passion.

Maybe he really understands me.

You both break away from the kiss to catch your breath. He grabs the sweater that was still on your head. He hands it to you.

" when I'm gone, you'll know I love you more than the world and no other girl could possibly change that ever." He kisses your head as a tear falls from your eye. He's never said I love you or even kissed you yet in your relationship.

"You love me?" He takes the sweater and grabs your hand to pull you up from the ground.

"Of course I do. Words couldn't even describe it." You look at him and you guys are about to lean in for a kiss but then your interrupted by his mom banging on his door.

"'s time to go now." He grabbed his suitcase and opened the door.

"I'm gonna miss you honey." Says his mom already in tears. She's such a sweet lady to you. You walk down the stairs behind Jack and his mom. You guys walk outside to Jack G's car. Jack puts his suitcase in the trunk and walks up to his mom.

"Love you mom." She kisses her on the cheek and she does the same to him. A tear falls down her cheek. He walks up to you.

"But do you really have to go? Now?" You can already feel the tears.

"You know I do. You have my sweater?" You lift up your hand with the sweater in it. You look down at your shoes as you show him the sweater.

"Hey..." He lifts up your chin and kisses you. You break the kiss and he moves the strands of hair on your face.

"I'm always a call away. I'll always be here for you." You guys kiss one more time and he jogs over to the passenger seat of the car.

Jack G starts to drive off and Jack sticks his head out and waves to you. You wave back and blow him a kiss as he slowly drifts away into the horizon.

~The End

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