Magcon Imagines



10. Jack Gilinsky

You and Jack decided to you in the lake down the street from your house. It's almost 95°F outside today. You put on your bikini.

"You ready babe?" He snuck behind you and whispered in your ear. It brought shivers down your spine. You turn around in his arms and hit him with your shirt. He laughs at you and kisses your nose.

"Yes...." He grabs your hand and you walk downstairs to the kitchen.

"Do you really need to listen to pandora?" He looks at you like your crazy as he grabs his beats pill. "I thought you would want to listen to me instead." You give him a very seductive look. He bites his lip in love of your sexiness he says.

"I always do..." He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him. Your faces are inches apart. He leans in for a kiss but you put your finger to his lips. He gives you a confused look and you start to walk to the backyard. You want to lure him into not using the beats pill. The same songs come on and its annoying after a while. He walks out with the pill in his hand. You roll your eyes and jump into the pool. You stay under water and think about things for about 20 seconds before coming up for air.

Something comes from behind you and grabs your waist. It whispers something in your ear but you don't hear it. It was too know it's Jack though. You stay there for a little longer before "Dive in" by Trey Songz comes on.

Jack starts to whisper the song in your ear. He swims you over to the pools waterfall. He sings the whole song as the waterfall falls on you guys. When he finishes, he pulls you down under the water. You struggle to get out of his grip but he puts his lips on yours.

~The End

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