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15. For Weezyyy

Today was probably the most exciting day for me this summer so far. I've saved up money just to buy a ticket for me and my new friend I met. She loves Carter. She's like the only one I can talk to about them 24/7. My phone vibrates on my dresser and I sit up in my bed. Should I get? Eh, what the heck. It was Jen.

Jen-Are you almost dressed or ready? My mom wants us to leave early so we could get front row seats.

Me-No, I just need some makeup. Plus the event doesn't start like another 2 hours!

Jen-Yea I know but there are probably girls there already so it would be better to leave now than later.

Me-Okay fine, just tell me when your here.

Jen-I'm here.

Me-That was quick.

Jen-I've been sitting here for along time.


Jen-But you love me

I put the on my mascara and grab my purse hanging behind my door. I walk downstairs to fine my mom sleeping on the couch. I walk over and kiss her on the cheek. She smirks, her eyes still closed.

"Leaving so early?" She says half asleep, half awake.

"Yeah, Jen wants to leave now to get front row seats."

"Fine, have fun." I open the front doer to find Jen standing in front of me with her head in her phone. She looks up at me and smiles. I start to close the door.

"And be back by 11:30!" My mom yells right before I get to close the door.

Jen and I run into the room and stand right in the front the stage. Soon, girls younger and older come flying in. They're all yelling and screaming. Then a microphone turns on and someone starts talking.

"Hey guys!" Yells Nash. I can't help but scream. I can't believe it's actually them.

They did there thing and it was sadly time to go. Jen grabbed my arm.

"Do you wanna get a picture?" She pointed to a surprisingly short line.

"I don't now Jen. It's already 11 and I don't think we'll we able to make it on time." She starts whining.

"Oh come on please!" You give in when she gives you the puppy dog eyes.

"Okay fine but one picture." You wait in line for 10 minutes. I'm anxious to get a picture with them but also scared that you won't be able to make it home on time.

You next in line. Jen tries to keep her cool but you know she would break in a matter of seconds. You see the guys there laughing and playing around. And then you see Matt. His brown eyes turns to look at you. You make eye contact for a split second. He smiles and I look down, blushing at how adorable his smile was.

"C'mon Amanda let's go!" She practically pulls me to the boys. They all joke around and play with us. They're really cool to be around. I give my phone a man standing there and he takes the pictures. We took a lot of pictures.

The boys wave bye but Matt doesn't. I was kind of hurt by it. I turn around and start walking away, barely listening to what Jen was saying.

"Hey are you okay?" She's ask. I sigh.

"It's no big deal."

"Obviously it is. I was describing the event and you didn't even laugh when I started talking about when Cameron got the pie to his face." She manages to hold in her laughs.

"It's stupid." She nudges my arm.

"Tell me."

"Everyone of the boys waves to me except for Matt. What does that mean?"

"Well maybe he wasn't paying attention."

"He was looking right at me."

"Then I don't know. M-" she was interrupted but the sounding of feet stomping the ground behind us. We both turn around, scared to death. It's Matt. Wait why is he running towards us.

"Hey." He says panting.

"Ummm. You okay there?" I ask him. Jen nudges my arm and starts walking to her moms car.

"Yeah....yeah. I just wanted to say good-bye to you."

"Oh umm okay I guess. Well bye."

"Bye." He hugs me. I feel something slide down my back pocket. It felt like a piece of paper. We let go of each other and he winks at me before running back inside.

I walk to the car.

"What's that?" Jen asks me as I take out the piece of paper.

"It's a number." I say while my eyes widen in surprise.

"Well text him!"

"Okay okay."


Hey gorgeous ;)

🎉Happy birthday Weezyyy🎉

Think of this as my birthday gift for you💞

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